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What 420 Means to These Cannabis Industry Influencers

From freedom for the incarcerated to chomping on a pickle, here's is what is on their mind.

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Wow, we were close. So close. We almost got to be together again this year on 4/20, a day we've set aside to celebrate the cannabis plant, our culture, and the activists who've worked so diligently to free the leaf.

While it may seem cruel to lay low, I suggest you turn the volume up on your favorite 4/20 mix and bogart joint after joint — it's the right thing to do. Our community has accomplished some serious essential work this past year and another few weeks of leading by example is easily within our skillset. I take enormous pride in knowing it was our community that kept the grass growing and flowing during a once-in-a-century pandemic. For all of my friends out there in the industry, and to the industry leaders that provided insights for this article, I applaud you. I not only applaud you, but a long and resounding standing ovation is in order. I am blown away by your values, your performance, and you're never-ending devotion to freeing our cannabis prisoners and righting the wrongs of the past.

To honor this important day, I asked the following people to share what 420 means to them, and how they'll be observing it. May the great emergence from Covid-19 roar like a lion.

Happy 4/20 everybody!

Mary Bailey, Managing Director, Last Prisoner Project:

While everyone is celebrating their freedom to consume cannabis on 420, it's important to take a moment to remember the 40K people who are still incarcerated for this incredible plant medicine. We must all join together to fight for the freedom of these cannabis prisoners and give a voice to the voiceless.

Jesce Horton, CEO, LOWD:

4/20 is a day of joining together to celebrate the joy cannabis brings to our lives, our relationships, and our communities. As well as honoring those who have paved the way towards legalization. COVID has made traditional celebrations all but impossible, so LOWD is throwing a smoke session this year at 4pm in our virtual lounge. Login to our site to tap in!

Christina DiPaci, CEO, Paradiso:

I love that drugs are winning the war on drugs. Any law that criminalizes drug use is an encroachment on freedom. I encourage everyone to celebrate, and not to forget the people still incarcerated and on parole for nonviolent drug offenses.

Loriel Alegrete, CEO, 40 Tons:

420 means cannabis freedom. This year on April 20th marks a special time for us because it will be the 3 month anniversary of our brother Corvain Cooper being released from a life sentence without the possibility of parole over a nonviolent cannabis offense, when then president Trump granted him an executive clemency. We must remember that while we celebrate this plant by smoking it, partying with it, and enjoying our ability to profit from it, there are still 40,000 cannabis prisoners locked up right now. 40 Tons will be honoring those legacy operators on this 420.

Brooke Burgstahler, Founder, Budding Mind

If you still have a problem with weed, you've really got to ask yourself, "Is this my problem?" Or did society, propaganda, media brainwashing, etc. trick you into taking issue with a plant. Cannabis is helping to improve the quality of life for children with cancer, and if you can't get down with that then you've got some serious muck to clean up inside that heart of yours! Goddess bless.

Mike Glazer & Mary Jane Gibson, hosts of the Weed + Grub podcast

Today, and every day, make sure you have a cold pickle handy to crunch on. It's the greatest experience ever when you're perfectly baked.