Post-Covid Cannabis Retail Events to be Held In Seattle

Retail Vision will take place this November and help identify what's to come in the industry.

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This story originally appeared on Marijuana Venture

Hopefully, by the time this is published the majority of Americans will be feeling like COVID-19 is close to being in our rearview mirror.

The number of new cases has fallen steadily from its high in January of roughly a quarter-million per day nationally to around 65,000, as of mid-March. About 2 million people per day are being vaccinated, and President Joe Biden says he will direct states to make vaccines available to all adults after May 1.

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Yes, there will still be vaccine deniers, medical quacks, and Donald Trump’s bleach drinkers, but most Americans will embrace the advice of medical professionals over Trump loyalists. What this means for business, and specifically the rapidly growing cannabis industry, is that things will start to look more normal in Q3 and Q4. But it’s hard to predict exactly what “normal” will look like by then.

My guess is that the legal marijuana business will continue to go through more turmoil and rapid change in 2021. The newly legal states will be sorting out their cannabis rules and regs, the players hoping to get in will be searching for investment money and the “green rush” will continue to build momentum nationally. Out West, the established markets will continue to grow and the smart business folks who are in it for the long run will continue to fine-tune their operations and focus on profits, efficiencies and innovation, just as market leaders do in any other industry.

At Marijuana Venture, we’re doing the same thing. The publication has continued to grow while reporting on new ideas, new businesses and new products. Our goal has always been to be a source of valuable information for those seeking information and articles on subjects that can improve their bottom line.

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This fall, we’re producing a trade event called Retail Vision. Our goal is for the event to be the first true “2.0” conference for cannabis retailers, and an invaluable source of information for managers and owners. For two days, attendees will hear presentations and talks from experts in all aspects of retail, including merchandising, buying, inventory control, human resources, real estate, leases, customer retention, loyalty programs, point-of-sale systems and a host of other subjects. Our speakers will include executive-level presenters from heavyweights like Costco, Nordstrom, Amazon and Zumiez. In addition, there will be an entire day of tech talks by experts who will explain how to mine data, utilize the latest tools to predict buying patterns and use technology to improve operations and increase profits. 2021 is the perfect time for Retail Vision as the “green rush” hype wears off in the established states and the smart money focuses on fine tuning existing dispensaries and retail operations.

The event will be November 9-10 at the SeaTac Marriot. We’ll keep you updated on speakers and other details at and in the pages of this magazine.

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If you’re an existing dispensary owner or even a hopeful, Retail Vision is for you. It’s focused, business-only and will be packed with valuable information that will lead you down the road to increased and sustainable profits.

We hope to see you in Seattle this fall for the first real cannabis 2.0 conference.

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