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Business Owners: You Should Care That Colleges Are Struggling to Stay Relevant

Today's career landscape will change dramatically in the next decade; institutions of higher learning and employers must work together to cultivate an optimal workforce.

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The spotlight has been intense on higher education over the last few years. As it's on the receiving end of questions regarding the value of a degree, rising costs and ability to prepare students to meet employers’ needs, higher education needs to do everything it can to keep pace. The economy both in the US and around the world is changing rapidly; however, this only scratches the surface of these issues.

And while there needs to be attention on preparation for today’s careers, one must not lose sight of the fact that many current careers will not be present or in demand in the next decade. The reality is we don’t yet know what the career offerings will hold in 10 years. But many of the skills necessary for current careers will become obsolete — replaced by a new set of capabilities desired by employers. 

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