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420 Gifts for the One You Love

It's 4/20. Here are some good reasons to celebrate.

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With all due respect to Easter and Passover — and we do hope you all had lovely holidays — April's most inclusive holiday is clearly 4/20. And if there's one thing cannaseurs know about holiday gift-giving, it's that it should be as stress-free as Seth Rogen at a potter's wheel. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite ways to tell that special someone, "Hey, we should get high sometime."

Papa and Barkley

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For the Fashion Fanatic

Flower by Edie Parker

Dubbed the Coco Chanel of Luxury Cannabis, Flower by Edie Parker wants to take cannabis culture out of the closet and put it in the center of your coffee table. Their collection features colorful ceramic, acrylic, and hand-blown glass accessories, and among their fans are tastemakers like Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and Kendall Jenner. With everything from lighters and grinders to ashtrays and acrylic gogo bags, Edie Parker brings a big dose of fun to your smoke sesh.

For the Dabber

Raw Garden Crushed Diamonds

Raw Garden

Raw Garden, growers of some of the cleanest and greenest product to come out of Santa Barbara, have launched Crushed Diamonds. This THC concentrate comes perfectly shattered into easy-to-use crystal crumbles. Even better, you can use it as a bowl-topper or a joint enhancer, which means it's more versatile than cilantro and certainly more fun.

For the Care of the One You Care About

Empower Bodycare

This has been a year for self-care, with plenty of us vowing to eat right, get more sleep and even splurge for that piece of exercise equipment that just might keep us from falling apart. As we venture back out into the world (full disclosure, I bought an e-bike from Ride1Up and can't recommend it enough), Empower's CBD-infused lotions, oils, and bath bombs — thoughtfully formulated and 3rd-party tested — will deliver full-body relief if you overdo it.

For the World Traveler

Wana Brands Limoncello

You might not be able to travel to Italy during the Pandemic, but you can travel there with your tastebuds. Wana has added a fourth option to its Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies, bringing the lemon flavor of the Italian liqueur Limoncello to its line of happy hour-inspired flavors. The fast-acting formula is similar to an inhalation effect, with an onset of 5-15 minutes and Delta-9 THC effects lasting up to three hours. Traditional edibles have an onset time of up to two hours, with effects lasting up to six hours. Buon viaggio!

For the Stoner Who Has (Almost) Everything

The Hitoki Trident bong

As accessories go, the Hitoki Trident is a bit of a show-stopper: its laser combustion system — eliminating butane and working like a magnifying glass under the sun — delivers the cleanest smoke while preserving the true flavors of your flower. It's good for 280+ draws on a single charge (no range anxiety here), and the coolest part is that you can actually watch the laser ignition system while you're smoking. Who's not loving that?

For the Skater Dude

Rip N Dip and Stiiizy

Skate and streetwear brand Rip N Dip is partnering with the Downtown LA dispensary STIIIZY on an exclusive collection of merch and 4/20 accessories, including T-shirts, bongs, and mouse pads. The items all feature the iconic Rip N Dip feline in various stoner poses.

For Your Fun Uncle

Caliva Fun Uncle Cruiser Vapes

That favorite relative of yours doesn't want a bottle of chardonnay, not on 4/20. For $25, you can show up with a universal full gram vape in any of five best-selling strains, each testing at well over 80 percent THC. With choices like Lemon Jack, SFV OG, and Berry Gelato, you might find something for everyone in the family.

For The Mixologist

Select Squeeze by Curaleaf

THC-infused beverages are a fast-growing segment of the cannabis industry (up 40% in 2020), limited only by the number of drinks available. Select Squeeze blows that door wide open with a fast-acting enhancer that uses Nano-emulsification technology. Just squeeze a little into any beverage — it's rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, and comes in Lemon-Lime, Watermelon, Strawberry Lemonade, and Hint of Sweet. Perfect for high tea.

For the Old-School Stoner

High Life Farms

Call me crazy, but if there's a strain called Stuffed French Toast, I'm gonna try it. Twice. Enter High Life Farms — a privately held, vertically integrated grower, cultivator, and manufacturer based in Michigan with operations in California. True terpene-heads, they offer a best-in-class selection of flavorful flower, including recent releases like Velvet Pie and Kush Mints. Y'know what they all go great with? French toast.

For the Socially Conscious

Justice Joints from Canndescent

Now here's a movement we can get behind. Justice Joints is a not-for-profit brand that donates 100 percent of all profits to social justice causes, such as the expungement, release, and rebuilding of the lives of those convicted of non-violent cannabis offenses. The Justice Joints come as 1 gram prerolls in Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. Celebrate 420 by righting the wrongs of the past.

For You, For Being Such a Good Gift-Giver

Papa & Barkley THC Releaf Chocolates

Papa & Barkley chocolate bars are whole plant full spectrum, handcrafted and slow-churned, soy-free and non-GMO, made with Fair Trade ingredients and formulated for relaxation. But just as importantly, they taste really good, whether in Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt. They even snap off perfectly on the score lines, so you know you're getting 5 mg of that 100 mg bar every time. That'll help you sleep better.