A Cannabis-Infused Fragrance Hopes to Hit the Sweet Smell of Success

From the makers of the "Vagina Candle" comes a new cannabis parfum for men and women.

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Two entrepreneurs have created what they hope will be a disruptive "functional fragrance" that will hit stores on 4/20 in celebration of the product's main ingredient: cannabis. Douglas Little, founder of the Heretic Parfum company and the legendary “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle has collaborated with Drew Martin, founder of Drew Martin Cannabis and Botanical Pre-Rolls, to create a first-of-its-kind parfum that contains THC. Not only does The Herbalist Parfum mimic the smell of the plant, but the founders say it possesses some of the healing properties of THC, too.

How does it work? The psychoactive effects of The Herbalist will vary from person to person depending on how your body responds to the THC, but when you apply two or three sprays on the classic fragrance pulse points, you’ll feel light, elated, sociable, and creative. It’ll leave you in a daydreamy mood perfect for winding down at the end of the day, enhancing a relaxed weekend vibe or lounging at the beach with friends.

While some would consider this new scent a bit odd, Little is no stranger to introducing unusual smelling perfumes, like “Florgasm”, and “This Smells like my Orgasm”, candle friends with his infamous “Vagina Candle”.

Fragrant ingredients

The fragrance, which will be featured in a parfum made for both men and women (not to be confused with a perfume, which is far less fragrant), was built around the signature notes of lemon, tangerine, and newly crushed pine needles found in the iconic sativa-hybrid cannabis cultivar, Jack Herer. It was balanced by adding the uplifting freshness of yuzu, the grounding woodiness of frankincense, and the relaxing properties of hinoki, all intertwined in one.

To harness the full potential of cannabis, their formulation needed to include raw extract of the plant’s essence including THC. Blended with organically distilled lychee alcohol, which promotes transdermal absorption, the THC further amplifies the benefits of aromatherapeutic ingredients, say Little and Martin.

Where did it come from?

Little and Martin carefully selected the iconic sativa-hybrid cannabis cultivar Jack Herer as the base for the fragrance. Celebrated for its aromatic properties as well as for its calming and euphoric buzz, this cannabis flower was sustainably grown in a Californian terroir ideal for elevating these effects.

Little says that fragrance has always been a part of his life. Even as a little boy, he would break his mother’s perfume bottles and mix them together just to see if what he could create would smell better than what already existed. 

After launching his own parfum company and searching for the ‘right customers’ Little realized that his fragrances aren’t for everyone, but luckily, he never intended for them to be. Once he finally found his ‘people,’ they were excited for the products and the story of the company, which is exactly what he was hoping to find. The branding is simple, but the fragrance is complex, and to Little, this is exactly the way he intended for it to be. 

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Advice for cannabis entrepreneurs

Little says in order to be successful, you really have to separate your past from your present. “The pieces of what makes up your puzzle inform who and what you are today, and it’s important to not let go of them or abandon them completely, but to understand that your path is ever-changing and ever-evolving.” 

The concept of the alchemy of the self will influence your decision-making, and after you deconstruct the pre-concepts of yourself and who you thought you were, that’s when you’ll be able to launch the projects you’re meant to share with the world.    

Lastly, from the master of Vagina candles, Little says when creating a product or service, you should: “First, ask yourself the questions: What is it, where did it come from and what do you want it to be,” he says. “If you can ask those questions and answer honestly, you have your product and you know where you’re going. You can fill in the gaps of exactly who your future self wants to be and go from there.”

Says Little,  “If you write a business plan and hold on to it like it’s the gospel, you’ll never be able to see when you need to pivot and when you need to ground in. People say you have to assess your business plan on a month-to-month basis, but if you want to be successful, you really need to assess your business plan on a day-to-day basis instead.”


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