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These License Plates Got the Highest Bids in Colorado's Cannabis Vanity Plate Auction

People bid as much as $6,630 for plates such as "Stash".

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Colorado officials recently found a way to give residents a chance to show their support for legal weed while also contributing to an important cause. It involved an auction of vanity license plates.

In the same way that Florida raised money for programs to save the manatees and Arizona raised money to fund first responders, Colorado used the popularity of cannabis to raise funds for the Colorado Disability Funding Committee.

The committee works to "maximize support for new and innovative programs" that lead to a better quality of life and more independence for Colorado's disability community. The committee also assists people with disabilities in obtaining or retaining their benefits.

Coloradans responded to the program in a big way. The recently concluded online auction raised thousands for the committee. "Colorado is proud of our creativity and ingenuity. We've been a leader in the cannabis space for over a decade, and this effort allows us to fund critical projects and programs in our disability community," Gov. Jared Polis said.

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Tale of the plates

Bidding on the cannabis specialty plates ran from April 13 to April 20 (in honor of the unofficial 420 holiday). People who won the auction buy a novelty plate and "retain the exclusive rights to use the configuration on their Colorado license plate at a later date," according to the release from Polis' office.

Colorado residents had 14 different choices for a cannabis plate. Here are the plates and the highest bid for each, according to the auction site.

  • ISIT420 - $6,630
  • TEGRIDY - $4,930 (this refers to a fictional, Colorado-based cannabis farm in “South Park”)
  • BONG - $3,890
  • GREEN - $3,510
  • GANJA - $3,500
  • HONEY - $3,450
  • HAPPY - $3010
  • HERB - $2,800
  • INDICA - $2,710
  • HEMP - $2,510
  • HASH - $2,500
  • SATIVA - $2,210
  • GOTWAX - $1,890
  • STASH - $1,860

If you're in Colorado and missed out on the auction, no worries. The state plans to do another cannabis vanity plate auction in 2022.

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Colorado has used cannabis money to fund public projects from the start.

The license plate auction is not the first time Colorado officials have leveraged widespread support for legal cannabis to help pay for public projects. The initial referendum approved by voters that legalized cannabis in 2012 included provisions to use marijuana tax dollars to fund public projects.

Those projects included building new schools, funding agricultural operations, and a stop bullying program.

Other money also funded a program to lower school dropouts and provide funding for an Early Literacy Competitive Grant Program.

Other states, such as Illinois, are using money raised from marijuana taxes to help pay down the state's debt.

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