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Mexico projects to be a technological superpower in the next 10 years

With a clear path in technology development, Mexico aspires to become a technological superpower worldwide.

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Today more than ever, technology occupies an essential place to enhance the economy and development opportunities in Mexico.

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) forced companies, professionals, and citizens to adapt to a completely different reality, which installed digitization as the protagonist and, with it, a complete revolution.

The Digital Transformation index , prepared by Dell Technologie , revealed that during 2020 Mexico experienced an important advance with respect to digital transformation , since 52% of the companies surveyed in the Mexican Republic consider themselves part of the category "digital adopters " , that is, companies that are already investing in innovation.

The transformation and adaptation process has not been an easy task, however, the capacity and talent of Mexican programmers generated innovation and gave rise to a new economy, largely driven by the employment relationship started with technology companies in the United States. .

And it is that during 2020 the vacancies offered by US companies to workers in Mexico were affected by the growth of job offers that give the possibility of remote work ( home office ).

According to Emmanuel Olvera, founder and director of JobsTI (a job search site specialized in the Information and Communication Technologies sector), this type of job offers grew 1,000% in 2020, compared to 2019 , since they went from 31 to 368 vacancies with this modality, as published in El Economista .

These figures show that the Mexican programming community has become one of the most sought after by US companies for technology-related positions . The reason? In Mexico there is a lot of talent and a desire to progress. The programmers are of a high standard, trained and competent, making them the best candidates to be part of any technology development team.

This new reality shows us an evolution, and a significant and promising paradigm shift, regarding professional relations between Mexico and the United States. Now American companies see the country as a source of resources, as a vital ally for their activities and economic development, and, above all, as a hotbed of programmer talent for technology startups.

EmpleosTI stresses that technology skills most requested businesses in their vacancies are: programming in Java, installing firewalls, using the platform C # / NET, the testing and quality testing software, systems analysis, project management, software design, Javascript programming language and business intelligence.

Likewise, an analysis carried out on the digital professions, presented by the Higher Institute for Internet Development (ISDI) in Mexico , showed that more and more companies are looking for professionals dedicated to defining, developing and leading changes to build sustainable business and organization growth, creating a path to digital transformation.

It is a fact that in these times the main way to transform an economy is through technology, creativity and the capacity of human talent, so the contribution of programmers is essential.

Currently Mexico is in a very favorable position regarding the diffusion and development of technology. By consolidating and strengthening the community of programmers in the country, we will be able to improve ourselves and advance, since in this new era, programmers are the backbone of the economy .

For this reason, collaboration between different sectors is essential, so that technological innovations can be trained and implemented safely and ethically.

An excellent meeting and training alternative for Mexican programmers is the Hackathon , an event designed so that talents can develop new technologies and continue honing their programming skills.

This space allows them to learn how to develop software , manage operating systems, educate themselves on computer security and attend the best technology conferences, given by industry experts.  

Mexican programmers have managed to conceive and develop next-generation applications to solve real problems and, thanks to their work, Mexico is becoming a country where its main economic flow comes from the talent and innovation of national technology entrepreneurs.

It is for this reason that I am convinced that technology will continue to impact the country in a positive way, and that its development will allow us to accelerate economic growth, optimize the use of resources in many industries, transform companies and make Mexico a technological superpower worldwide .