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Alsea renews its loyalty program: Wow Rewards is now Wow +

This platform recognizes and understands the different tastes and solves the different needs of its consumers, from start to finish, always putting the customer at the center of everything

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Alsea, a leading operator of fast food establishments, coffee shops, casual dining and family restaurants in Latin America and Spain, presented Wow + , an omnichannel experience focused 100% on the customer that brings together 10 brands, with delivery service, rewards program and restaurant experiences that offers a personalized, intelligent, agile and safe purchase option that responds to the tastes and needs of each client at all times: how, when and where they want it.

Today, consumers are independent of the sales channel; They do not care if it is online or offline, as long as their experience is positive, and they seek to integrate their consumption habits both in physical stores and digital channels: they want shopping options adapted to their needs anywhere and that the entire experience is focused in them. As the most basic needs are met, human beings develop higher needs and desires - and that's where Alsea's Wow + comes in.

Understanding the above and in line with being a company focused on always putting the customer at the center, seeking evolution, innovation and improvement of their experience, Wow + was born, the backbone of Alsea's digital transformation that integrates all digital platforms: the already existing .com, Delivery and Rewards, and now adds reservations, enhancing the value proposition of its brands, with the security and trust that characterize them, since it has the possibility of supporting the care and quality put in the preparation of its dishes from start to finish, connecting with customers through a unique online and offline experience.

Wow + is a platform that understands and solves the different tastes and needs of each of its consumers, and is characterized by being simple, transparent, agile, safe and personalized, offering the best dishes from the best brands, designed for each moment with new and better benefits for its users: a better user experience, easier and closer, greater personalization, experiences inside and outside the restaurant, more shopping and coupon options.

Photo: Alsea

“Our mission is to provide our customers with an intelligent, agile and safe purchase that responds to their tastes and needs. Wow + was born from the need to adapt to the future and is part of Alsea's constant technological innovation. Let's think that digital transformation is seen as a clockwork mechanism where each of the parts has to work and mesh with the other perfectly to really work.… And always at the center of this gear is the customer, who It is who we work for, to be able to be as, when and where I want. " mentioned Dario Okrent, Chief Digital Officer of Alsea.

This omnichannel experience focused on the customer, has 4 pillars that offer an online / offline experience based on analysis and data: the user experience on the platforms (UX), the options you have to place your order (ordering), the program loyalty and the restaurant experience. In Wow + , digital media and data are used to get to know more and more users and, thus, be able to offer them different products and benefits that respond to their tastes and needs, as well as a better shopping experience.

Wow + is now available through the website , as well as in its app for iOS and Android. In it, you can pay by credit, debit or cash card, and the features you currently have are delivery, rewards program, VIP loyalty card, welcome coupon, geolocated address, and push notifications, among others. .