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A Popular Cannabis Influencer Will Take the Stage at G4 Live in Vegas this Weekend

Ashley Greenwood prepares to wow audiences in cannabis's first major post-pandemic event.

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Capacity restrictions are starting to ease across the country, especially in popular tourist destinations like Las Vegas. Last week, the city started allowing casinos to increase capacity from 35 percent to 50 percent. But the casinos aren’t going to have the only ‘full house’ in town, because G4 Live, a cannabis industry expo presented by the Budtender Awards is set to kick off from May 21- 23  with roughly 1,200 expected attendees.

The expo includes exhibitors, a series of panels, and two after-party events, one of which allows consumption on-site. The event organizers are adhering to state and CDC guidelines and ensure attendees are practicing safe consumption habits, such as providing complimentary MouthPeaces at the door, courtesy of Moose Labs.

 In addition to the Travis Barker performance, some of our favorite 420-friendly influencers will be taking the stage on Saturday, May 22nd, including triple-threat Ashley Greenwood, who can sing, dance, and smoke a whole lot of green. With 34.4K followers gained organically in a two-year period on Instagram, and 40k followers across various social platforms such as; Twitter, YouTube, and CannaBuzz, @Wowashwow is an up-and-coming artist/activist people are paying attention to. 

Between her body-positive photos, iconic music videos, and body-shaking beats, she uses her passion for creative expression, self-discovery, and cannabis activism to inspire, both in real life and through social media. This is her story of becoming a Woman in Green

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Where were you before cannabis and what brought you into this industry?

As the saying goes, “What a long strange, and beautiful trip this has been.” My journey into the cannabis industry has been a very fascinating one. Since a freshman in college, I’ve always been a recreational user. However, a few years ago, I met a group of cannabis activists running a Philly NORML tent at a festival I was attending. For some reason, I was fascinated by the fact that these people were campaigning to make weed legal. And they were doing this in a public setting. After having an in-depth conversation that day, I made my way to my first meeting. We made rally signs and discussed plans for our cannabis rally at Philadelphia City Hall. It was at this meeting I discovered the “underground sesh scene.” Before I left the party, I made sure to speak with the party host, and let them know that I would be volunteering to help in any way I could.

The underground events in Philly grew into a beautiful movement. It bought all ages, races, genders, and religious backgrounds together. It was absolutely incredible. When the events were shut down, the mainstream media attempted to villainize cannabis and all the people involved. This angered me deeply and I moved my focus from being solely involved in the cannabis scene in a tri-state area to social media. I wanted to show the whole world that you can smoke as much weed as you want and still be productive and contribute to society.

In terms of my path prior to the cannabis industry, I’ve always been called to the creative arts but decided to play it safe and sensible by applying for law school. Needless to say, that didn’t last long.

What obstacles and challenges have you experienced while becoming an influencer in cannabis?

Unfortunately, the challenges and obstacles I’ve faced in this industry have been the exact same issues I’ve faced in my other career ventures. It’s always come back to my weight or the color of my skin causing some level of discrimination against me. I’ve had a few companies love my creative work, but will not use it because I do not fit the aesthetic of the brand. 

How have you overcome these obstacles? What advice do you have for other influencers in the space who may be experiencing similar hurdles?

I overcome dealing with these frustrations and disappointments by continuously pouring into a craft that I love. Also, by living an active lifestyle. At the end of the day we are on social media to create, inspire, and connect with dope souls.

Do you have any pet peeves or recommendations when it comes to working with you specifically or social influencers in general?

Asking for an excessive amount of free promotion in exchange to use a product I would already need in order to promote the company. I don’t mind creating free content for companies that I absolutely adore and believe in. But sometimes companies will take advantage of this, it’s important to remind yourself of your worth.

As a woman of color in cannabis, do you feel that you are at an advantage or a disadvantage (or both) and why?

It’s tough to answer this one. As a WOC in the current cannabis industry, it’s a very interesting time. It’s amazing to see the power of public opinion influencing some of the changes happening currently. For the longest time, black people have had to deal with the biggest disadvantages of consuming cannabis. And it’s only been recently that public opinion has unwaveringly pushed for changes all across the board. From implementing equity programs in recreational states to seeing more brown and black faces on mainstream media advertising. 

What is an accomplishment you have achieved in this industry that you are most proud of?

Being able to help other influencers have a platform to express their creative talents. I’ve had so many people in this industry open doors of opportunity that I would have never been able to achieve on my own. So my dream has always been to get to a point in my life where I am able to help people express themselves to a bigger audience.

What was your greatest lesson learned?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

What trait do you rely on most when making business decisions and why is this useful for you? 

I rely on my empathy and ability to listen to what is needed most. This allows me to make choices based in logic, but still allow my heart to guide me to the best possible option. Not just for myself, but for others around me.  


For more information or to contact Ashley, check out her website