George Lopez Is Jumping Into the Weed Game

The comedian will launch Chingón, a Latino-focused cannabis brand, with Platinum Vape Partners.

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This story originally appeared on Benzinga

On the road to capturing the Latino market George Sadler, CEO of Platinum Vape, announced on Thursday’s Benzinga Cannabis Hour that his company is partnering with comedian George Lopez to launch his cannabis brand Chingón.  

"George Lopez had called us about some of our products and about doing a brand,” said Sadler who naturally jumped at the chance. “So look for Lopez’s brand, Chingón, which is going to be coming out really soon.”

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Mango-Tajin edibles

Lopez, well known for his generosity and participation with charitable organizations, has received several honors for his contributions to the Latino community.

Sadler described Lopez as a hands-on hard worker who would probably be in the shop along with everyone else, “stacking boxes and telling jokes.” Cannabis Hour host Javier Hasse said he'd be delighted to do the same with Lopez. Wouldn’t we all?

Mango-Tajin flavored edibles are just the tip of the iceberg of a Latino-centered marketing strategy that Platinum Vapes is focusing on. 

“The Latino community is huge. The timing for George is perfect," Sadler told Benzinga. "When you’re in the Latino community, it's one for all and all for one.” 

Check out the full interview here.

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