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Are These Marijuana Stocks Undervalued This Month?

These Marijuana Stocks May Have Some Hidden Value In June

This story originally appeared on MarijuanaStocks

These Marijuana Stocks May Have Some Hidden Value

For most marijuana stocks in the market over the last several months they have started to build back lost momentum. This has led to an increase in trading that has shown to be a bit more of a stable recovery. Now nothing is guaranteed and with cannabis stocks being volatile and unpredictable things can change at any time. As of late, some cannabis stocks are still facing a bit of trouble in the market. via MarijuanaStocks

This creates a double-edged sword meaning these particular cannabis stocks are still good buys. But when will they start to show consistent trading is the question. Many new developments are taking place in the cannabis industry in the form of federal reform and mergers and acquisitions. Not to mention in the last month many cannabis companies have been releasing earnings.

With all of the above, it has added to the current uptick in trading momentum. What’s going to make a bigger impact is the possibility of federal cannabis reform. With more states becoming legal it’s crucial that federal reform is enacted. Once cannabis is federally legal or rescheduled it will open many new doors that were once deemed illegal. As well once federal reform is passed other legislation will be easier to pass as well. For instance, no banks due to cannabis federally illegal can work with marijuana-related businesses.

However, once federal reform becomes law it will be a smoother path for congress to pass the SAFE banking act. The SAFE Act is a bill that would allow banks to work with marijuana businesses without fear of any legal punishment. As well with better legislation in place, it is possible that it resonates well with how marijuana stocks perform in the market. Here are 2 marijuana stocks to watch for better trading this month.

Marijuana Stocks To Watch This Month

  1. MariMed Inc. (OTC:MRMD)
  2. MediPharm Labs Corp. (OTC:MEDIF)

MariMed Inc.

Since mid-April MariMed Inc. has been of the few cannabis stocks that have been able to reach better market levels. April 20th to May 3rd MRMD stock saw gains of 26 percent. This jump in trading gave some hope for other investors to feel a bit more confident with investing in marijuana stocks. Shortly after the 3rd of May MRMD stock had a small pull pack in trading. However, from the 10th of May to the 17th MRMD stock hit gains of 13 percent. Moving forward MRMD stock was able to keep its rise in trading going. MRMD

From the 17th to the end of May the company reached gains of 29 percent. Currently in June MRMD stock has dropped in trading but the company still holds a decent market position. The positive about that is when another bounce happens it will be a shorter road to reach better market levels. In the company’s most recent news the MariMed announced they have named Howard Schacter as Chief Communications Officer.

Words From The Company

“I am thrilled to welcome Howard to the MariMed team and look forward to him significantly elevating visibility of the Company and our brand portfolio,” said Bob Fireman. “Howard’s unique background combines traditional corporate communications and brand marketing PR in cannabis, CPG, retail and other sectors. We are on a growth trajectory, with a focused strategic plan that’s working. Howard brings exactly the right skill set to tell our compelling MariMed story to investors and the media, to generate even more attention for our award-winning brands among customers and patients, and to align our employees around our mission and values.”

MediPharm Labs Corp.

Since March MediPharm Labs Corp. has faced a bit of trouble when trying to reach a higher market level. Much of the trading was a mix between being volatile and sideways. Yet still MEDIF stock was able to see a slight rise in the market. From March 4th to now in June MEDIF stock is up a modest 5 percent overall from that time. Yet if you look back at May 13th to the 28th you can see that MEDIF stock was up 43 percent.

medif stock

Even though the company has a long recovery road ahead there is still much time left to see a nice pick up in trading this month. Back on June 8th, the company announced it will extend its strategic partnership with ADREXpharma and continue to build its footprint in Germany. Markets abroad hold great value towards the growth of the global cannabis industry.

Words From MediPharm’s President and Interim CEO

“With our global platform purpose built to good manufacturing practices, MediPharm has established a strong foothold in the nascent, but burgeoning, German cannabis market,” said Keith Strachan, President and Interim CEO, MediPharm. “Our collaboration with ADREX has been an important and strategic step in our growth in this attractive market. We will continue to work together, combining ADREX’s experience and local networks with our licences, production and supply chain capabilities, to ensure German patients gain access to the high-quality cannabis products they can trust.”