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Hot Marijuana Stocks To Buy? 2 To Watch Mid June

Making A Marijuana Stock Watchlist for June? Check These 2 Out

This story originally appeared on MarijuanaStocks

2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch In June 2021

With a new week upon us, marijuana stocks are starting to look better from last week’s pullback in the market. With a bit of an uptick to start the week, it gives hope that in the near future trading may reach back to previous trading levels before the downtrend. Many investors who are watching the market build back its lost momentum are feeling a bit less skeptical. via MarijuanaStocks

During the recent downtrend, the faith in the ability for marijuana stocks to trade at a  certain level came crashing. This was due to when investors purchased shares of falling cannabis stocks. Yet while they bought the dips most of these cannabis stocks continued to fall. This has created a situation where now the sector has to climb high enough where shareholders can either break even or make some kind of profit.

Currently with the sector showing a bit more action even if it’s a bit volatile investors are still looking for top marijuana stocks to buy. Which in the current state of the sector has the chance to yield solid results for investors. Overall the cannabis industry is growing and evolving at a fast pace. With everything from expanding markets to more states that are soon to legalize cannabis. As well as the fight to end marijuana prohibition and enact federal cannabis reform.

The entire U.S. cannabis industry as a whole is hard at work. Some cannabis companies have even joined forces through mergers and acquisitions to which has created super cannabis companies. When good news is circulated throughout the sector at times is can resonate well among marijuana stocks. Meaning when positive news is released from financials to company updates it can lead to better trading for cannabis stocks. Here are some marijuana stocks to watch this week.

Marijuana Stocks To Watch In June

  1. Village Farms International, Inc. (NASDAQ:VFF)
  2. Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. (OTC:CWBHF)

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Village Farms International, Inc.

Village Farms International, Inc. has been one of the many cannabis stocks that have been working to reach a higher market position. Since the second week of February VFF stock has faced a big drop in trading. In the first 2 weeks of March, the company did show a bit up an upward push from the 3rd to the 15th. Although this run was short-lived it gave some shareholders a chance to make some money on their investment.


Now the company has seen some spikes in trading during this downtrend. Those who were able to capitalize on these volatile moments made small gains along the way. In more recent trading things shave started to look better for VFF stock. Since roughly about mid-May the company has been on a solid road to recovery with an increase in trading.

May 12th to the 14th was the initial start to the VFF stock moving back up in the market. These two days of trading made for a subtle 10 percent increase in trading. From this point, it took a few more days to see a further climb but VFF stock was able to keep its recovery going. From May 14th to the end of the month the company saw gains of 12 percent. As of late VFF stock has still been able to rise in the market. Currently, from June 1st to the 21st the company is up 9 percent.

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Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc.

Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. is known as one of the top CBD marijuana stocks to watch. Not to mention a top CBD company in the entire cannabis industry. Now even in the middle of this recent downtrend CWBHF stock has been incredibly volatile to where upticks in trading the way down did occur. For example, from February 26 to March 8th CWBHF stock fell 7 percent. However, from the 8th of March to the 17th CWBHF stock has a spike in trading that generated gains of 19 percent. cweb pot stock

Throughout the following months leading up to now, the company has had similar upticks in trading. These volatile spikes in trading have allowed for some shareholders to average down their position while seeing some profit as well. In the first 10 days of May, the company fell, even more, all the way to the 14th. Looking at this time period from the 14th all the way to the 28th of the month CWBHF stock went on a solid run. During this run, the company was able to see a solid 45 percent increase in trading. When this run took place some felt the company would keep this climb going but that was not the case.

For the first part of June, CWBHF stock was starting to dip back in the market. This led to uncertainty about how this marijuana stock performs. Yet many shareholders feel that the company will eventually start to recover once more. Currently CWBHF stock has slowly started to work its way back to a better market position. The goal for investors is to make a return and with Charlotte’s being a top CBD marijuana stock to watch they feel there is money to made.