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New Cannabis Products For The Design-Conscious Consumer: Décor, Accessories, Devices

From fake weed plants to artful lighters for a good cause.

This story originally appeared on Benzinga

As the cannabis market expands, sometimes it's hard to keep track of the many products that launch every week. But don’t worry, Benzinga always keeps you updated on the most interesting new cannabis products being launched.

Pot Plant

Pot Plant, a cannabis decor company, has designed hyper-realistic, artificial cannabis plants that spruce up any space.

As state regulations present barriers for Americans to grow their own cannabis at home, Pot Plant offers accessibility to the plant with 4 different sizes of faux plants ranging from $25-$125 in value.

Pot Plant is on a mission to change the way that the world looks at weed by highlighting the interesting qualities of the cannabis plant, adding a unique touch to anyone's home decor and providing an opportunity to spark a conversation.  

GRAV Reserve Glass Joints & The Gravitron

GRAV, the industry leader in glass bongs and pipes, launched GRAV Reserve Glass Joints in California.

Each pack of GRAV Reserve Glass Joints is pre-filled with one-eighth ounce of flower separated into 7 half-gram joints.

“We’re excited to expand our footprint into wholesale after a year of taking significant market share from the pre-roll category with just delivery,” said David Daily, founder and CEO of GRAV. “The future of consumption is single-use glass.”

GRAV Reserve prioritizes freshness (less than 4 months from harvest), creates a noteworthy high (north of 23% THC and 4% minimum difference of total cannabinoids), includes a visible terpene profile, grown indoors, and locally sourced. The first GRAV Reserve offerings include GRAV Reserve Orange Mints (Hybrid), GRAV Reserve Cake OG (Indica), and GRAV Reserve LCSD (Sativa).

The company has also redesigned the Gravitron, its namesake glass gravity bong, for the first time in 17 years.

The new version has been improved from top to bottom, starting with a ground glass joint and ending with a platinum-cured silicone grommet at the bottom for a tighter seal. It’s thicker, heavier and all-around sturdier than the 2004 version.

“We’re proud to be among the cannabis industry originals, and of the reputation we’ve built for high quality hand-blown glass,” Daily told Benzinga.

Flower by Edie Parker x ArtBabyGirl

Flower by Edie Parker, a line of luxury cannabis and smoking accessories, has teamed up with illustrator and author Grace Miceli (aka @artbabygirl) to create a stunning limited-edition tabletop lighter featuring super special mood-boosting details like a hidden rainbow foot that's only visible when the lighter is in use.

100% of proceeds will be donated to @sadgirlsclub, a non-profit that helps girls access mental health services.

Flower by Edie Parker’s Brett Heyman told Benzinga, “We're mega fans of @artbabygirl's illustrations and her new book "How to Deal," which makes the daily dreads lighthearted and fun with a sense of humor and authentic playfulness. The one-of-a-kind lighter we collaborated on is designed with the same mission in mind.”

"I’m so excited to lend my playful and colorful imagery to this lighter collaboration that celebrates taking time to relax, unwind and go somewhere different or new in your mind,” added Grace Miceli of Art Baby Girl.