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Michigan Recalls 10,000 Cannabis Edibles

Not a first for the company behind Covert Cups.

This story originally appeared on Benzinga

Although states with legal recreational marijuana programs have been notably careful to ensure product safety, as with any industry, mistakes happen.

This time, the state of Michigan recently recalled 10,000 cannabis-infused chocolate edibles dubbed Covert Cups, having discovered the products had not undergone adequate inspection after being manufactured in Bay City, reported MLive.

Not a first for the company

The "troubled edibles" were made at 3843 Euclid LLC, a company that also runs a "Dispo" dispensary at the property and which already had previous problems with compliance. Last year, the company's license was suspended for two weeks after it was discovered its employees were licking the pre-rolled joints to seal them.

Back in 2019, the company was fined for losing two weeks of its video surveillance tapes of the facility, writes the outlet.

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What happened?

On March 23, a batch of Covert Cups was inspected for compliance and certified one week later, with all products examined and reported to have been stored in yellow packets. Then, on April 2, the state ran a check and discovered the site had 10,000 Covert Cups in a safe vault in several packaging colors, such as silver and clear.

It was therefore concluded that the original inspection of edibles was not representative of the entire batch and further examination was required.

However, the edibles had already been distributed to more than 40 stores across Michigan, including River Rouge, Walled Lake, Bay City, Reading, Buchanan, Adrian, Ypsilanti, Portage, Lansing, Owosso, Wayne, Mount Pleasant, Hamtramck, Lapeer, Center Line, Hazel Park, Detroit, Morenci, Traverse City, Muskegon and Ann Arbor.

Among the questionable products are s'mores cups, banana cream cups, peanut butter cups, and other types.

Consumers in possession of these edibles are asked to return them to the place where they purchased them. Shops that sold the edibles are being required to warn customers and display the recall notice for 30 days, writes MLive.

If you have any adverse reactions from the edibles, consult your doctor and report them to the state via or by phone at 517-284-8599.