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Weed and Camping Go Hand in Hand — Be Prepared

The best edibles, drinks, and cannabis products for hitting the trails.

This story originally appeared on Weedmaps

As the weather gets hotter, you're probably ready to pack up the car and head to the nearest woods, lakes, or mountains to relax. And since COVID-19 restrictions are lifting across the U.S., campsites and trails are getting back to business as usual.

Below, check out our tips for safe camping trips, and find seven stoney products to bring on your next outdoor adventure. 

Day hiking

Heat waves have been sweeping across the U.S. even before the start of summer, so even if you're planning on just a two-hour hike with a bit of weed, bring tons of water, a friend, and all ten hiking essentials. You never know what can happen on a trail, especially if there's minimal phone service or you choose to go alone.  

Kin Slips Cloud Buster slips

The Cloud Buster Sublingual Strips by Kin Slips offers a discreet, smokeless option for a day spent trekking in the woods. Choose between 10 milligrams or 5 milligrams THC. And since these slips dissolve under the tongue rather than through the digestive tract, onset time can take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes, as opposed to a regular edible's 30-60 minute wait. 

Available: California

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Jack Herer strain

Jack Herer cannabis strain

Bright and uplifting, Jack Herer is a classic strain named after the popular, late cannabis activist. The flower contains a larger percentage of the terpene pinene, which may give an energetic effect to some consumers, and for that, it can be a great option if you're looking for a cerebral and active experience among the trees. And if you're wary of the dry season and lighting joints with lighters, consider loading up a dry-herb vaporizer or opt for a Jack Herer vape cartridge.

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As some areas are currently experiencing intense drought, many state government officials are enacting burn bans a little early this year. To keep yourself and others safe, count on a fireless camping experience, especially if you'll be out and about on the West Coast. With the U.S. National Parks Service attributing 85% of wildfires as being caused by humans, even the smallest of catalysts — from an unsnuffed roach to sparks from a car engine — can lead to a devastating forest or brush fire. 

Waxmaid Freezable Icer Silicone Water Pipe

If you plan on bringing a large ice chest loaded with goods to the campsite, then spare a bit of room for the Waxmaid Freezable Icer Water Pipe. It stands at 12.5 inches or 31.75 centimeters, and its body is made of silicone material so it's just about indestructible. If you need to carry your ice chest from the car to the tents, you won't have to worry about it getting jostled and breaking. 

Available: Nationwide

incredibles S'mores Bar

With burn bans galor and the possibility of having to nix a campfire, you can still have a classic camping experience — or at least feel like it — with incredibles' infused S'mores Bar. With 100 milligrams THC for the whole bar, and 10 milligrams THC per piece, there's enough to elevate the whole group. 

Available: Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Maryland, Massachusetts and Ohio

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Good Stuff Beverage Co.

California-based Good Stuff Beverage Co. offers 100 milligram THC drinkables. Aside from beer, pop, juice, and a silicone bong, something a little more stoney in your ice chest can appeal to the non-drinkers of the group. Flavors include raspberry iced tea, lemonade, and strawberry hibiscus lemonade. 

Available: California

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Along with the ten essentials noted above, multiday backpacking trips always require extra preparation. Read up on insects and wildlife in the areas you'll be going, and if you'll be around any kind of body of water, consider a LifeStraw or extra water purification drops in the chance that your personal water reserves run out. 

Her Royal Hempress Supreme Relief Muscle Rub

After miles of hiking, nothing may sound more relaxing than a little weed and some muscle relief cream. Her Royal Hempress's Supreme Relief Muscle Rub contains calming eucalyptus, wintergreen, arnica flowers, and 500 milligrams of CBD. It can be a great option for a strained back and tired knees after carrying around a loaded backpack for hours. 

Available: Nationwide

Eyce Shorty Taster

Small and compact, the one-hitter Eyce Shorty Taster fits right in a pocket, and its borosilicate glass body is wrapped in silicone for extra protection.  

Available: Nationwide