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A Pizza Joints Meets a Cannabis Lounge with an Old School Twist

The daughters of hip hop legends Notorious B.I.G. and Jam Master Jay open a private event space in LA.

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Hollywood has a new eatery that might make your head spin in the best possible way: Juicy Pizza, recently opened by T'yanna Wallace and Tyra Myricks, daughters of hip hop legends Notorious B.I.G. and Jam Master Jay, respectively. Behind that NY-themed pizza parlor, a decidedly more LA lounge space called the Presidential Suite, owned and operated by Presidential Cannabis, one of the largest infused flower companies in California.

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For those new to Presidential, you can find their infused joints and blunts at MedMen, Empire, Stiiizy, MMD, Culture Cannabis… the list goes on and on. Their label says World's Strongest, and with THC levels as high as 54 percent, they're not kidding.

"We source really high-quality flower and distill it with distillate from companies like Moxie," says Everett Smith, co-founder of Presidential. "We have a proprietary infusion process, and then we coat it with kief. We've got the best value product on the market; you can get four, five experiences out of one preroll."

To be clear, no cannabis will be sold at the lounge off of La Brea in Hollywood. "Absolutely not," says Smith, "it's not a consumption lounge, it's a private event space. Cannabis, music, and entertainment companies can hold parties there, charity events, some givebacks to the community… and it's a place where celebrities can hang out."

Think of it as a Soho House for the cannabis crowd. Throw in a cool merch shop and hot slices with toppings like Philly cheesesteak, lobster, and beef and broccoli, and we can put this whole East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry to bed right now.