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They are looking for the 100 entrepreneurs who are transforming the country

ASEM evolves and presents a new image that seeks to add thousands of female and male entrepreneurs to the association.

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Entrepreneurs in Mexico are always on the move to innovate and improve the situation in their environment. Given this, the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico (ASEM) evolves and presents its new image that reflects the action, strength and power of transformation of its associates.


The new image reflects the movement, strength and unstoppable tide generated by the 22 thousand entrepreneurs who are part of ASEM and who since 2015 have been working to make Mexico a better place to start and do business, through linking and promotion of public policies that generate greater conditions of equity and competition.

“This new image is the result of the changes that entrepreneurship has experienced in the country, which is today more resilient, competitive and dynamic. In this sense, at ASEM we adapt to changing times, to continue spreading the entrepreneurial spirit and promote the growth of our ecosystem and its benefits in terms of development and social well-being ”, commented Juana Ramírez, president of the Board of Directors of ASEM .

Juana Ramírez reported that entrepreneurs generate 78% of formal jobs and represent 99% of the country's economic units. For this reason, they are a decisive and transforming factor for the national economy, so that we cannot think about economic reactivation without considering their essential role in job creation and economic growth.

Any entrepreneur, whether he is starting or has a high-impact venture, can be part of the association by registering at

Image: ASEM

Initiative "The 100 Entrepreneurs of Mexico"

In order to create a network of change agents and understand the different challenges they face, ASEM also presented the Initiative "The 100 Entrepreneurs of Mexico", which seeks to recognize 100 female and male entrepreneurs whose work has a high positive impact in their communities and localities.

This program is for entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, since they will be the ones who nominate others, in order to receive applications from people from all over the country whose proposals or activities are generating an effective change in the different regions of the country.

The call for the E-100 initiative will be open from July 29 to August 31 and will be disseminated through the channels of ASEM and its allies. The registration will be done through where general information of the applicant entrepreneur must be entered.

After the nomination phase, in September the ASEM will carry out a curatorial phase in order to guarantee the transparency of the call and define the nominated in October.

From November 1 to 19, the voting between nominees will take place, in addition, people who are ASEM members may also have the opportunity to participate in this phase.

Finally, in December, the 100 entrepreneurs chosen will be announced in an event that seeks to generate community and growth through the exchange of good experiences.

“When everyone sees entrepreneurs as isolated drops of water, ASEM envisions an unstoppable entrepreneurial tide that already has more than 22 thousand passionate entrepreneurs from various economic sectors and in all states of the country. And it's going for more ”, added the president of the Association's Board of Directors.