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It's National CBD Day. What Products Are You Trying?

Celebrating 75 years since the compound was first discovered.

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Chemists first discovered CBD isolate in 1940, but we didn't know its true potential until 1946 when a doctor unearthed properties within the compound that could treat epilepsy. 

Rhythm Awake

Nearly 75 years later, CBD has become a $2.6 billion business, with almost one-third of all U.S. adults admitting they've tried the compound at least once.

Americans most commonly use CBD for pain relief (64%), anxiety (49%), and sleep (33%), but many use it for overall wellness. Most consume it in the form of gummies or tinctures. But researchers are now looking at new ways to maximize CBD's myriad benefits in other ways.

Here are some products to try if you're looking to explore CBD some of the unique benefits of CBD, whether you're looking to incorporate something into your everyday routine or try something new.

Everyday use

Everyday use for overall wellness and balance is still a significant reason most people turn to CBD products. Nearly one-fifth of CBD users prefer familiar forms of CBD such as gummies or tinctures to ingest hemp products. Mimicking vitamins that have been around for decades, gummies and capsules are familiar forms of consumption that you can easily integrate into your morning routine.

Check out Wana Wellness Hemp Gummies. From beginner to pro status, they are a staple for any CBD user. Each gummy is infused with Colorado-grown and extracted hemp oil containing CBD and essential terpenes to promote wellness every day. The gummies are vegan and gluten-free and work with your body's endocannabinoid system to inspire calm and balance without unwanted impairment.

Wana Wellness CBD Gummies/200mg ($20)

For another taste of Colorado hemp with a twist, A.F.C.'s new Hemp + Myco-Immunity Capsules include 10 milligrams of full-spectrum, low solvent Kief Hemp and a blend of six Superfood Mushrooms. Combined, they produce a myco-powered immunity boost. Among other superfood mushrooms, these capsules leverage Reishi for allergy relief, Agarikon to reduce inflammation and open airways, and Turkey Tail to fight sickness and promote digestion. A.F.C Hemp + Myco-Immunity Capsules come in reusable containers protected by biodegradable mushroom packing material and hemp fiber. Consumers can purchase the full-sized bottle with 60 capsules or a nine-capsule packet for trial or travel.

Calming, sleep, and pain relief

CBD has gained popularity for its positive impact on sleep, stress, and pain receptors. 

Quicksilver Scientific's CBD Synergies in Calming, Sleep or Relief Formulas are all created with nano emulsified, full-spectrum CBD blends for maximum bioavailability and efficacy. The formulas are supported by a blend of other nutraceuticals and botanicals to maximize calming effects, provide natural sleep support and support healthy, balanced responses to physical discomfort and persistent bodily stressors.

Quicksilver Scientific's CBD Synergies in Calming, Sleep or Relief Formulas ($68.50-$85)

CBD-infused beverages

CBD provides an alternative to buzzy alcoholic drinks. One of the more approachable methods for enjoying CBD may look pretty similar to the White Claw you've been sipping on all summer, minus the hangover. CBD beverages are proving to be a significant competitor in the RTD space, replacing the sugar found in other drinks in the cooler with functional ingredients like antioxidants. Whether it's a social alternative to alcohol or just something practical and refreshing, many find CBD seltzers a great go-to.

Functional beverage company Rhythm CBD Seltzers offers several artisanal drink varieties of rinks featuring CBD, adaptogens, and superfoods to harmonize your mind and body. Rhythm Awake is an all-natural energizing seltzer for a clean and caffeinated pick-me-up without the jitters, infused with 15mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract, natural grapefruit and rosemary flavors, and 50mg of natural caffeine from organic green tea extract. Rhythm's seltzers are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, keto-friendly, low calorie, and sugar-free.

 Rhythm Awake ($23.99/4-pack)

Weight Loss Aid

A recent study found that hemp extract can even be an effective weight loss aid. The double-blind, human study showed that 100 out of 100 participants who took Nitro-V hemp extract daily lost weight, shedding up to 22 pounds over 90 days without any changes to diet or exercise. Certain cannabinoids and hemp extracts act on the body's E.C.S. system, which provides physiological, cognitive, and emotional support. This research has shown that THCV can act as an effective appetite suppressant, earning it the nickname the "skinny cannabinoid."

Enlighten Hemp™Nitro V is a Microcap that delivers 50mg of naturally balanced Hemp Cannabinoids in a base of Golden Hemp seed oil for complete synergy and Endocannabinoid System (E.C.S.) support. It's a natural hemp extract rich in Varin cannabinoids. These rare ('skinny') cannabinoids support natural appetite control and a healthy balanced metabolism.

E.C.S. Brand's Enlighten Hemp Nitro-V ($7.99-119.95)