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Welcome to the Jungle: Guns N' Roses Launches Line Of Smoking Accessories

The rockers make their foray into the weed business.

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With cannabis legalization sweeping through the U.S., many artists and celebrities have already dipped a toe into this booming industry.

This time, it's Guns N' Roses' turn: starting this week, fans of the legendary American rock band will be able to acquire their amazing marijuana paraphernalia.

And while most musicians have opted to launch marijuana strains on the market, Guns N' Roses preferred to create a spectacular line of smoking accessories.

As reported by Marvin, the California band partnered with Famous Brandz -a marijuana accessory manufacturer that has partnered with Snoop Dogg and Cheech & Chong in the past.

The Guns' rock collection consists of two grinders ($25), a bong ($100), a dab rig ($100), and two pipes ($25 and $29).