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3 Simple Ways Cannabis Business Leaders Can Build Their Authority

These tips will give you a competitive advantage in a crowded market.

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In the ever-changing cannabis industry with the potential for great financial upside, how do you break out of the white noise, build credibility, and establish authority surrounding your name?

Companies and their leaders that have mastered this are seen as trustworthy experts, thought leaders, and change-makers, giving them a clear advantage in an industry as competitive as cannabis.

Here are three surefire ways cannabis business leaders can build authority to create a competitive advantage for themselves and their companies.


1. Pursue podcasting

Whether it’s your own podcast or you’re a guest on someone else’s show, podcasting is a powerful vehicle for communicating who you are, what you do, and why you do it. It’s a great platform to share information and communicate personality, charisma, character, and what someone might expect if they communicate with you one on one.

After participating in a handful of podcasts where you have a chance to discuss what you’re passionately working on, you’ll start to get the hang of it, become more comfortable with the process, and more than likely enjoy it so much that you’ll want to do more. You’ll likely experience growth in your network and reach, learn new things from each conversation, and develop new ideas that potentially spark industry-wide conversations.

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2. Contribute guest blogs

Those who are regular contributors to publications are often seen as experts in their niche and trusted sources of insight and information. If writing is your thing, contributing guest blogs on a regular basis will do wonders for your credibility, authority, and not to mention SEO. You might be wondering, “How would I even come up with things to write about?”

Think about all the conversations you have throughout a week with your team, clients, and colleagues. What questions are asked, what do you and your team debate, what are topics that always come up in conversation? This is a great way to tap into relevant topics for you to write about that you know your audience would actually be interested in reading and learning more about.

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3. Offer insight

Don’t be shy to offer writers, reporters, or anyone who actively covers news and trending topics your insights on particular topics that you’re well-versed in. These individuals love to connect with subject matter experts, those who are in the know and constantly involved with what they cover and write about.

The next time they’re writing an article about a topic within your niche, they may ask you for a quote or to answer a few questions. As we all know, being featured in the press is one of the fastest ways to establish authority.