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2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch The Last Week Of August

2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch As September Is Soon To Begin

This story originally appeared on MarijuanaStocks

2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch As August Comes To An End

Investing in marijuana stocks is not what it used to be. At one point in time when the sector would dip down, it would most times recover a bit healthier than now. However, with that said the overall progress outside of the market has continued to thrive. In fact, outside of the possibility of federal reform, the overall success of the sector is what keeps some people wanting to invest. This is for good reason you don’t want to be late to the party as some felt that way at the begging of the green rush. - MarijuanaStocks

Yet with the current trading going on now is a great time to find top marijuana stocks to buy in 2021. This year has been nothing short of exciting and to a degree stressful for those invested in cannabis. For starters, it has been exciting in the fact that more states have gone legal. In addition to more cannabis companies growing through mergers and acquisitions as well opening new dispensaries.

These have been the more exciting parts of 2021. The stressful parts come in the form of comprehensive cannabis reform and getting congress on board to approve it. As well the drop and excessive volatility in the market which has also been a difficult thing to digest. Nonetheless, those of the industry are holding strong and doing what needs to be done to keep things moving.

Unfortunately, the cannabis sector comes with a fair amount of uncertainty. So keeping a level mind is key when making an investment or business decision. For now many are keeping business going as usual and keeping watch for any news or sudden changes. With how the cannabis sector works things can switch at any moment. So with this here are 2 marijuana stocks to watch this week

Marijuana Stocks To Watch This Week 

  1. Jushi Holdings Inc. (OTC:JUSHF)
  2. MediPharm Labs Corp. (OTC:MEDIF)

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 Jushi Holdings Inc.

 Jushi Holdings Inc. a vertically integrated cannabis company, engages in the cultivation, processing, retail, and distribution of medical and adult-use products. It focuses on building a portfolio of cannabis assets in various jurisdictions across the United States. Jushi pot stocks

In recent news back on August 4th, the company announced appointing Brendon Lynch as executive vice president of retail operations. In his new role, Brendon will be responsible for leading Jushi’s retail strategies. This will include overseeing Jushi’s retail footprint in core markets as well as the introduction and expansion of delivery service.

Words From The Company 

“Brendon is a standout senior retail executive, who has a proven track record of building and transforming iconic consumer and service brands,” said Jushi Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Founder Jim Cacioppo. “I am confident that his deep understanding of the buying experience, along with his ability to identify marketplace trends, will play a pivotal and foundational role in our continued success. I am excited to welcome Brendon to the team and look forward to working closely with him as we continue to redefine what a modern cannabis retail experience can be.”

JUSHF Stock Update And Market Performance 

In the last month of trading, JUSHF stock had a slow start in August. At the beginning of the month, JUSHF stock was trading down for the first 4 days of the month. Right after the 4th of August JUSHF stock started to climb back up in the market. This small run went on from the 4th to the 9th to which after the company began to dip back down the rest of the month. With more time left in August, it’s possible to see this marijuana stock rise once more before the start of September. 

MediPharm Labs Corp. 

MediPharm Labs Corp. together with its subsidiaries produces and sells pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil. As well as concentrates, and advance derivative products in Canada and Australia. It formulates, processes, packages, and distributes cannabis extracts and cannabinoid-based products. Back on the 16th of August, the company released its Q2 financial results. medif stock

During this time the company hosted Health Canada pharmaceutical inspectors for an intensive GMP Drug Establishment Licence inspection. Subsequent to the quarter, on July 12, 2021, MediPharm was awarded a Drug Establishment Licence to confirm compliance. This compliance was with international Good Manufacturing Practice Standards.

Words From The CEO 

“In Q2 2021, we were awarded one of the most difficult to achieve North American GMP certifications to establish ourselves and as a true pharmaceutical company while continuing to deliver our international medical cannabis sales,” said Keith Strachan, President and Interim CEO, MediPharm.

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MEDIF Stock Update And Market Performance 

Over the last month of trading, MEDIF has been fighting to reach a higher market position. The initial start to August was met with much volatility. In the first 10 days of August MEDIF stock was holding a decent market level it could build from. However, after the 12th of August things began to dip down even further. For the majority of August MEDIF stock has dropped a great deal in the market. Yet as of the close on the 20th of August MEDIF stock has slowly started to pick back up in the market. With one more week left in August, we may see this marijuana stock to watch sustain its current climb.