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Lorde Says Her Latest is a 'Weed Album', But It's Not a Stoner Album

She does take a rip off of a fennel bulb bong in a video, so there's that.

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It’s not surprising to hear Lorde, aka Ella Yelich-O’Connor, say that her recent album “Solar Power” is all about weed. 

Arturo Holmes | Getty Images

After all, look closely at the video released earlier this summer, and you’ll see her smoking what looks like a bong...made of fennel. Another recent release is titled “Stoned At The Nail Salon,” although she swears it’s about searching and loneliness, and not, you know, actually getting her nails done while high.

Maybe it's a bit more subtle than, say, most of the great stoner albums of all time, but listen to “Solar Power” and the ethereal sound sort of washes over you. In the video for the title track, she’s in a sunny, canary yellow skirt and top, dancing on a gorgeous New Zealand beach — one of the Kiwi’s favorite, one so secret she won’t give up where it is — on a glorious day. 

It’s breezy, flirty, optimistic, exactly the way one might feel after taking a long rip off of a vegetable. 

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The “weed” album

The Beatles had the “White Album.” This is Lorde’s “weed album.” To her, that song and video is a New Zealand summer — cicadas, waves, a big massive landscape of rolling sound. It has a 1970s throwback vibe, like smoking a joint in a living room surrounded by macrame and psychedelic art. 

In fact, she told The New York Times that inspiration came from all over the place for the “Solar Power” video. Things like 1960s Coca-Cola commercials, the end of “Mad Men,” the films “Midsommar” and “Days of Heaven.”

“The references are so deep, conjuring that slight sort of cult leader, ‘take the drug I’m about to put on your tongue’ sort of world… I say, ‘let the bliss begin’, like, I’m a maniac,” she laughed.

But this isn’t the “big acid record” she thought it was going to be. “It’s one of my great weed albums,” she said. 

She's definitely pro-cannabis

Makes sense. The 24-year-old disclosed on a New Zealand radio show in June that she was all for the country’s 2020 cannabis referendum, which would have legalized recreational use. 

"Oh my god, are you kidding? Everyone knows it's a yes,” she responded to queries from the hosts.

Although Kiwis backed kush in general — medicinal marijuana is legal in the country, and polls showed that 48 percent of New Zealanders supported recreational use — the referendum failed. Smoking out of a fennel bulb on a private beach is apparently the only way to go for now.