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New Health Study Will Pay People to Smoke Weed

A cannabis advocacy website will give you $1,500 to work as a "cannabis effects specialist."

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Thanks to an ambitious research project, a temporary dream job is available soon for those who like cannabis. The catch: Interested parties have only until the end of September to determine if they qualify and submit an application.


A cannabis news and advocacy website called Flower and Freedom wants to pay people $1,500 to work as what they are calling a "cannabis effects specialist." If you think that sounds like the sort of awesome deal where you try different types of weed and then report on how it affects you, then you're exactly right.

The website is conducting a 30-day study to find out how different strains of cannabis impact different people and in varying amounts. Each cannabis effects specialist will get paid at the conclusion of the study, which involves using free cannabis for a month.

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Here's what you need to become a cannabis effects specialist.

Flower and Freedom owner David Rhodes said he uses cannabis to treat Crohn's disease. "I can personally tell you the benefits of cannabis, and whether you have medical concerns or not, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits of cannabis if they choose so," Rhodes writes.

He hopes the new study will help eliminate some of the stigmas that still exist around cannabis, despite the success of the legalization movement across the country. 

Here are the criteria cannabis effects specialist must meet.

  • You must be 21
  • You must have no prior health issues that might make participation in the study unsafe for you
  • You must live in a state (or country) where recreational cannabis is legal
  • You must be willing to use cannabis in accordance with the study's testing procedures
  • You need good writing and communication skills

The website is accepting applications until Oct. 1, 2021. Flower and Freedom will supply all the cannabis each participant needs throughout the study.

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What does the study hope to accomplish?

Rhodes wants the team of cannabis effects specialists to test some of the website's theories on how cannabis impacts mood, sleep, appetite, and motivation. They also want to get more details on the impact of cannabis on casual users.

Throughout the 30-day study, participants will write about their experiences and communicate them via video calls with Flower and Freedom staff. Participants will also fill out a verbal questionnaire on their experiences. 

Rhodes began using cannabis about a decade ago after getting diagnosed with Crohn's, a disease that involves chronic inflammation of the bowel. "It was one of the only things that was helping with my symptoms," he said, according to Newsweek. "Since then, I got into growing my own cannabis and have been a huge activist for its medical and recreational benefits ever since."

He hopes the study will further illuminate those benefits. In the meantime, he's provided some temporary jobs that will likely prove extremely popular.

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