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No Pot Brownies, Cookies, and Sour Peach Gummies For You, New Jersey

Edibles that resemble food are off the table for retailers in the newly legalized state.

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Don’t expect to find pot brownies, cookies, candies, and other weed-infused “food” items at your new legal weed shops, New Jersey. 


According to the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission, retailers — whenever they do open — can only sell the more medical-leaning syrups, pills, tablets, capsules and chewable “ingestible forms” of cannabis, like gummies, aka soft lozenges. Along with flower and distillates, of course.

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Missing out on big sales

That ruling, one of the first to come down from the CRC, will most likely affect sales in the Garden State. Edibles are the fastest growing segment of cannabis today, with numbers that increased even more during the pandemic. 

According to Headset, the Seattle-based marijuana analytics firm whose latest forecast said cannabis sales in general could surpass $30 billion by the end of 2022, edibles account for about 10 percent of the legal retail market.

Gen Z and Millennials are now the largest consumers of weed and cannabis products, along with women, and even if flower and concentrates are most popular among these demographics, there’s still a big market for edibles.

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Leaving the Garden State hungry for more

As in other states, it comes down to childproofing the product, especially how safely things like cookies and candies can be packaged. But most states have figured it out, with edibles sold in increasingly difficult to open packaging emblazoned with THC potency. 

The CRC didn’t feel it had enough time to regulate edibles like baked goods before its Aug. 22 deadline to adopt its initial set of rules. 

"That's not to say we won't in the future but, as of right now, we're starting out with just the addition of some things like concentrates," CRC executive director Jeff Brown told the Asbury Park Press. "This is just the first cut." 

If the ruling stands by the time retailers open around New Jersey, it could be the legal state to ban them entirely at cannabis retailers. Which begs the question: Will sour peach gummies become the new big sellers on the New Jersey black market?