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The Cannigma Hopes to Take the Mystery Out of Cannabis

Our new content partner wants to solve the issue of misinformation and lack of standards in the cannabis space.

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Our new content partner The Cannigma is an evidence-based cannabis education site, which aims to get quality information about cannabis in front of whoever needs it.

They currently have over 300,000 unique users per month with a pool of expert writers and scientific reviewers from around the world working to make sure that our content is as credible and up to date as possible. We spoke with the CEO of Cannigma, Elana Goldberg

What you were doing before Cannigma, and why you decided to launch it?

My background is in digital content creation, ranging from hard news to magazines and marketing content. I began my career working on the online desk for The Jerusalem Post back in 2010, later going on to manage the website, From there, I helped to grow, a media platform focused on positive impact, as well as content optimization efforts at Natural Intelligence, an Israeli performance marketing company.

When the founders of The Cannigma got in touch with their idea, I knew it was something I wanted to get involved in. For my first year in the company, I served as the Chief Content Officer, taking over as CEO in August 2020.

What is the main problem that Cannigma is trying to solve? 

The Cannigma is looking to solve the issue of misinformation and lack of standards in the cannabis space, caused by prohibition. While many other media outlets in the cannabis space were launched prior to the legalization era, The Cannigma has the advantage of being able to base all content on scientific research.

What are the biggest challenges that cannabis publications face now and how are you overcoming them?

Like cannabis businesses across the supply chain, publications are limited in their online activities due to regulatory restrictions. For example, it’s incredibly difficult to advertise on any of the main channels - such as Google and Facebook - which means we need to get creative to make sure the people who need it are able to access our content. Building a community is key, as well as organic social media and search engine optimization.

The way we see it, we’re laying the foundations right now to be one of the top 3 cannabis publishers. Our aim is to reach this goal before federal legalization hits in the US and changes everything.

How do you monetize Cannigma?

At the moment, building the site and the audience are our main priorities, but we’re also working on laying the foundations for monetization to ramp up down the line. Much like any other publisher, we work with brands who want to advertise to our audience - but given the regulatory environment for cannabis, brands are limited in their advertising options, which makes The Cannigma an even more attractive option. We also use affiliate marketing if/where appropriate, and place select programmatic ads on the site.

What big initiatives do you have coming up that the readers should be aware of?

We’re currently expanding our strains section, which takes a unique look at the question of strains (because really, there’s no such thing), as well as building out a health care provider zone. And deep in the research & development bunker we’re cooking up what we call the ultimate cannabis toolkit - which is basically a mix of all of the evidence-based content on The Cannigma, served up in interactive elements. Stay tuned!