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10 books to read when you're stuck and need motivation

Sometimes we need a multi-chapter motivational speech to get to work.

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We all feel the same. Listless, overwhelmed, hopeless. The truth is that this is up to a certain normal level because we are going through a historical pandemic.

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To gain strength to cross the last quarter of 2021, we leave you the following book recommendations - classic and modern - that will help you regain your motivation and energy.

1. Who has taken my cheese? , Spencer Johnson

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This book figures as a children's fable, in which the author uses two mice and two humans to teach certain business morals. In a very general summary, humans do not stop moving the cheese of the mice and tells you how they react. If you are very frustrated by sudden changes, this is the book for you as it teaches you the importance of knowing how to deal with them. It is a very short book and is quick to read because of the format in which it was written.

2. The best deal is you , Reid Hoffman

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Written by the co-founder of LinkedIn, this book helps you navigate the world of business we have today. You have to understand how it has evolved and what that means for those who want to succeed in this field. It tells you about the basic skills that anyone who wants to achieve it needs. But above all, it motivates you to bet on yourself and says that you are the most important job you are going to have in your life.

3. Make it big! , Gary Vaynerchuk

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It is difficult to find something that you are passionate about and that brings you money at the same time, many people are afraid to bet on what they like if it does not pay the results it should. In this book, Vaynerchuk shows you how your passion can also be what makes you successful in business. You can use the internet to turn your interests into your work and this book will explain how.

4. Founders at Work , Jessica Livingston

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If you are undertaking a project, surely you know all the success stories of other entrepreneurs. You've been impressed with several who started at zero and built an empire, but in those stories they often skip the most important part: how difficult it was for them to get there. Livingston is in charge of recounting those parts. It is important to read them to raise awareness that it is not built overnight and it is normal that you fail, that it costs you work, that you get frustrated, etc.

5. The Entrepreneur's Mind , Kevin D. Johnson

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In this book, D. Johnson collects the beliefs, habits, and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. To have an entrepreneurial mind, you have to understand how that of those who are already at the top works. If you are looking to change your mindset or way of working, this may be a good place to start.

6. The Power of Habits , Charles Duhigg

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We are what we do. This book tells us about the importance of habits, as we know, the key to success has a lot to do with persistence and hard work. But in order to build better habits we have to understand the mentality that surrounds them, and this book explains just that.

7. Unleash Your Magic: A Creative Life Beyond Fear , Elizabeth Gilbert

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This book is more for creative souls. If your entrepreneurship has something to do with creativity or art, you need to read this book. Elizabeth Gilbert, the writer of Eat, Pray, Love, talks about how to lose fear of your potential and say what you have to say because no one else could do it like you.

8. Awakening the inner giant , Anthony Robbins

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Anthony Robbins is known worldwide as an expert in the science of personal development. In this book he shows you how to find your way and manage your life, your business and your finances. It all starts with knowing you.

9. Survival manual for the self-employed: being autonomous and not dying trying , Ayuda T Pymes

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This book is a bit more tedious. It is not the most exciting thing, but it is the most useful thing that an entrepreneur can have. It is not motivating in nature, but it will explain what procedures you need to complete and how, how to avoid the most common mistakes, how to bill, etc. Definitely one of the musts before starting a business. (And it's free!)

10. The Art of Getting Started , Guy Kawasaki

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In these pages you will find everything you need to know to turn your product or service into a sales success. There is a new edition available that has evolved over time and now includes all the digital strategies necessary to make it work.