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Why More Entrepreneurs Should Join the Great Resignation and Reclaim Their Mental Sanity

Make a decision now that saves you from a lifetime of regret, bitterness and missed opportunity. 

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There's a movement happening called the Great Resignation. A wave of individuals is deciding that they'd rather quit instead of going back to jobs that don't fulfill them. These employees, from all sectors, are tired of spending their forty-plus hours every week doing something that doesn't bring them joy or help them move closer to accomplishing their life goals.

While this movement has mainly been in the career space, more entrepreneurs should be paying attention to what's happening, and consider joining the Great Resignation movement. Career professionals are having honest conversations about how they want to spend their time; there's an opportunity for entrepreneurs to have the same conversations.

There's a window to get honest about the ways you're working hard every day to build your business, and if it feels in alignment with your values and goals. No one should spend a majority of their week doing things that don't bring them fulfillment. The main goal of entrepreneurship is freedom and to create a better life for yourself.  

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Here's what entrepreneurs need to understand about the Great Resignation, and why it's an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you. Here's the reality of building a business, and how for some, joining the Great Resignation will help you reclaim your mental sanity.

Modern entrepreneurship

The way businesses are built today is different because social media and the Internet allow us to see a little bit behind the scenes of entrepreneurship in action. One scroll through any social media network and you'll see entrepreneurs talking about their clients, the wins they're experiencing and how their business is being built.

The ability to access millions of consumers has brought on a wave of businesses whose main revenue model is to make money teaching other people how to make money. There's no doubt you've seen social media ads from entrepreneurs offering coaching and courses whose brand promise is to teach you how to make five or six figures a month, etc. 

The foundation for these businesses is built on lifestyle marketing and trying to get others to buy into certain affluent lifestyles. There are incomplete, and sometimes misleading, images of accomplishment that draw consumers to purchase a product, service or course that promises the ability to get rich quickly. Entrepreneurs purchase these offers, try to implement what they've learned and spend too much of their time, energy and effort building something that is not sustainable or healthy.

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Skewed entrepreneurship images have created a wave of business leaders spending their days building something that doesn't bring them joy or get them closer to accomplishing their life goals. These entrepreneurs should look at the Great Resignation and see an opportunity to pivot. The Great Resignation offers a chance to reclaim mental sanity if your business building model is built on a rocky foundation. 

It takes a tremendous effort to build a business, and a large part of success stems from what's happening in your mind. As you're feeling defeated day in and day out, it feeds into limiting beliefs and creates unhealthy mental wellness. Over time, you become drained and lose the will to do anything. 

A different path to growth 

If you fall into the category of an entrepreneur that's building your business and know this is not what you want for your life, have an authentic conversation with yourself. Your mental sanity and the limited time you have here on this earth demand it.

The best businesses were built from passion around a product, a way of thinking about life or an entrepreneur who wanted to help a particular group of people. Strong companies didn't start from wanting to get rich quickly or falling for a false image of entrepreneurship on the Internet. It's time to stop falling for clever marketing and start thinking about how you want to spend your time each day. You can build a business with only the elements that feel good to you if you're willing to put in the work. 

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It's hard work to build a business, but it can be done if what you're building is moving towards what you want for your life. The alignment between business, energy and your goals is what will get you through the times when you feel like giving up. To get there, it has to come from a place of clarity about what you're doing. The make money teaching others how to make money movement is not sustainable. 

The question becomes, is it time for you to join the Great Resignation? Is it time to quit a business model that doesn't feel right for you? Do you need to let go of all the things in your business that no longer serve you? Make a decision now that saves you from a lifetime of regret, bitterness and missed opportunity. 

Don't be hard on yourself if this is all making sense and you know it's time to quit what isn't right for you. Every experience can be a lesson — learn, grow and keep pushing forward.