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A New Cannabis Brand Banks on 90s Nostalgia to Market Their Product

From Friends to flannel, HIGH 90's wants to bring back a cherished era.

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With millennials making up the largest consumer group in America, 90's nostalgia is in high gear, whether you watched the Friends reunion (in your flannel shirt and scrunchie) or not. HIGH 90'S, a new player in the California cannabis space, is all about bringing back that particular brand of fun in their flavored, wax-infused pre-rolls. We spoke with Kelly Tran, the company's creative director, about how they took a love of the past and grew it into a company with a bright future.


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What inspired the launch of HIGH 90'S?

We were each dabbling in fashion and design while utilizing cannabis to help fuel our creativity. We always loved fashion, so combining lifestyle aesthetics with cannabis was natural to us, and our fans and consumers love it! The inspiration came from trying to bring that 90's California vibe back while also creating a brand that wasn't intimidating when it came to experimenting with cannabis. The '90s are all about self-expression, and we think that specific era embodies having a good time with friends, exploring and trying new things, which is exactly what our brand is all about. In 2019, we decided to create a product for patients looking for flavored cannabis without tobacco; we launched in early 2020 and are now sold all across California.

Image Credit: HIGH 90'S

In what way are your pre-rolls different from what else is out there?

Every batch of our products is certified by lab tests ensuring the cleanest and most potent materials in the market, and we also like to be different while giving consumers what they want. Half of the team grew up with cannabis as part of their lifestyle, the other half have incorporated it into their lifestyle, so we try to always innovate and be in the know. Our 1.2g pre-rolls are made with indoor-grown flower and infused with wax to provide a potent, high-quality experience. Our mission is to promote a sociable environment with cannabis that helps bring people together.

Can you explain a bit about how the flavors are incorporated into the cannabis?Our flavors come from a blend of natural terpenes, creating a healthier alternative to blunt wraps for our patients.

Image Credit: HIGH 90'S

Millennials are notoriously fickle -- are you finding challenges in marketing to them?

First of all, they're tech-savvy people who use social networks and other digital tools to discover new things, concepts, and trends. They communicate and learn quickly, which makes them more flexible and prone to changes than older (and in some ways than newer) generations. We use our social platforms to constantly communicate and learn from our consumers, which happens to predominantly be millennials; we listen to them and we create products that we know they'll love and stay loyal to.

Do you have plans to expand?

Absolutely! Many things are in the works for HIGH 90'S. Specifically, we're working on developing a selection of concentrates for the super stoner dabbers, exotic flower for the experienced smokers who love to roll their own nugs, and a disposable vape for those who want to be discreet. Watch this space as we go into more detail later this Fall!

Image Credit: HIGH 90'S

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs entering the cannabis space?

This industry is truly all about quality. But more specifically, working in the cannabis industry is genuinely a lifestyle. Starting HIGH 90'S was and remains a mission that is incredibly personal to myself and everyone else on the team; the reason we feel so equipped to create just the right product is because we all have a personal stake in this. Our team would never create or market a product that we wouldn't use ourselves. Cannabis is a passion.