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How to get rich with an apple seed

If you are already where you want to be, don't read this story.

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This is the story of a young farmer who had the opportunity to ask a single question to the great king, when he rode through his fields on his royal horse. He thought over his question very well, and when the king passed by, he summoned all his strength and dared to speak.

“Great King, you are just and wise. I work day and night tilling the fields and I can barely put food on the table. Instead, you have more than you can afford . How is it that you have achieved so much wealth? "

The king stopped his horse and looked at the farmer. He pondered for a moment, then reached into the pocket of his exquisite velvet cloak. Finally, he reached out, his fist clenched.

" I have the source of all my wealth in the palm of my hand " -said the monarch- "If you wish, I can give it to you. You too can have riches, as many as you want ”.

The farmer hesitated a bit. Was it a joke, a trap, a cruel lie? He did not know what to answer, but he dared to do it:

“I know what the secret of wealth is, your majesty. My father told me. It's hard work ”

“You work hard,” interrupted the king. “Much harder than many, and that is why I entrust you with my secret! Working hard is important, but it is not my secret . The source of all my riches is in the palm of my hand. I can give it to you, if you want ”.

The farmer kept thinking, because it was hard for him to believe that something so small could be the source of so much wealth. What was in the king's hand? Would it be a large diamond or a gold coin? Was it a single mysterious word or a magic amulet? Finally, as expected, curiosity won out.

"Of course, Your Majesty, although I am unworthy, I gladly accept the gift you offer me."

“And who told you that you were unworthy? -said the king, getting off his horse- Wealth has as a master who knows how to create it and as a slave who only spends it . Raise your face and see: this is the source of all my wealth "

The king opened his fist to reveal the object: a tiny brown oval. The farmer moved closer to see better.

" It is an apple seed, " explained the monarch. If you know how to make it grow, you will be rich for life, and the lives of your children and your grandchildren ”.

"It is an apple seed," explained the monarch. If you know how to make it grow, you will be rich for life, and the lives of your children and your grandchildren "/ Image:

The farmer was disappointed. I was expecting something brighter or more special. Not a miserable apple seed! The king saw disappointment in her eyes, and deepened:

"That's how it is. It is a small and seemingly miserable thing. Many throw it away or pass it by. But I tell you, friend, that the secret of wealth is available to everyone. Maybe not everyone can become kings, but I assure you that anyone who walks on this earth, man or woman, rich or poor, can improve his life if he understands the truth behind an apple seed ”.

The farmer, forgetting the protocol, replied:

“But I already know how to grow this seed, and many other seeds! I am a farmer and throughout my life I have planted thousands of trees and plants for the master: apples and oranges, wheat and barley. I know how to grow apples, your majesty ... but I am not rich. "

"It is true, farmer friend, but I ask you, what do you do with the apples that grow from the tree that you have planted?"

“I take part of it to my house for my family to eat. With another party I pay the tax. The other one I take to the market to sell. With that money I buy meat, cheese and bread to take home ”.

“You do almost everything right, my friend, but you have only one step left! That step is the secret of wealth "

"Your Majesty, I'm sorry, but I don't understand."

The king removed his crown to speak man to man and spoke his final words:

“Friend farmer, from this day I decree that you will not be poor forever. You will be rich. And your children will be rich because you have received the secret of the apple seed.

And the secret is this :

The poor drop the seeds and buy apples. At the end of the day, they have no apple, no salary, no tree or seed.

Those who belong to the middle class make a tree out of the seed, from which they eat and sell apples. They can live well.

The rich and the kings make a forest out of the seed. They use the new seeds to plant new trees. That way they never lack apples, they always have something to sell and they always have new trees.

Perhaps when you see my clothes and my wealth, you feel that life is unfair, but nature is generous to everyone, and the rain falls on both sides of the village. If you, farmer friend, sow this seed, let the tree grow, sow new seeds and, above all, do not waste it or eat its apples, even if you are hungry, even if you have difficulties , I promise you that three things will happen:

First, it will appear that nothing changes. You will keep working hard and you will keep starving. Be patient. The seeds do not become a forest overnight and in this waiting many abandon their path.

Second, you will begin to see new seeds in all things. And then you will believe in yourself and what you can become. And you will proudly watch your new trees grow. This is no time to buy clothes and carriages! Don't lose your head in empty dreams, or stop working. In this waste, many lose their way, their heads and their incipient wealth.

Third, that in a few years (less than you think!) You will have a small forest . In it your children will be able to run and play. You will continue to work hard, but you will start to enjoy your own apples, wood and more. Even when there is a cold winter, your forest will not die, because it will be strong and with good roots. You will continue to take care of each seed, you will teach this secret to your children and you will never be poor again

Finally, if you want, your forest will feed many more people. Not only will you have wealth, but you will be able to share it and the world will be better for you and for others. That is the secret of infinite wealth.

Now tell me, farmer friend ... do you want this insignificant seed or not? Tell me now if you want to have an apple, a tree ... or a forest. The seed is the same: the result is very different. And, I assure you, it is totally up to you. "

The farmer reached out his hand and received his seed. He said nothing more and returned home in thought, as evening fell.

That night he knelt down and, digging his hands into the fertile soil, planted his own apple tree for the first time.