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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gifts Danny DeVito a Giant Spliff

"I'm gonna fire this baby up."

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What’s a little weed amongst friends, right? Arnold Schwarzenegger played a “prank” on his buddy, fellow actor and co-star of Twins and its sequel Danny DeVito, by giving him a giant cigar filled with marijuana. Although in some people’s eyes, that’s not a prank — it’s the best gift ever.


By the looks of DeVito’s response in the video below, he too is pretty excited to light up as soon as he can. He could smell the joke a mile away.

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Prank or present?

This was Schwarzenegger’s way of “getting back” at DeVito for pulling the same practical joke 33 years ago on the set of Twins. According to Men’s Health, the story goes that while filming the 1988 comedy, the two would often enjoy cigars in between takes. One day, however, DeVito sneaked some weed into one of Schwarzenegger’s stogie, which made him forget lines during their scenes. 

At the time, director Ivan Reitman was pretty good about the whole thing — this is the guy who produced Animal House, Ghostbusters, and directed numerous comedies, after all — and can even be seen chuckling about the latest antics in the video. 

Schwarzenegger, of course, is no prude when it comes to cannabis. He regularly got stone while bodybuilding in the 70s, and almost wears his openness about it as a badge of honor. He was even friends with Tommy Chong. But the more conservative former governor said she stopped partaking well before he took office, back in 1975 when he decided to finish his college business degree and get serious about acting. 

Not that regular cannabis use inhibits either. Just ask Seth Rogen.

DeVito’s response is pretty much the same as anyone who was just gifted a cigar-sized spliff: “I’m gonna fire this baby up. I'll save this for later.”