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Is CBG an Effective Treatment For Pain?

For most of the cannabinoids, research is still very limited and in its infancy.

This story originally appeared on Cannabis & Tech Today

For many years people knew that the cannabis plant was an effective medicine, however, exactly what made cannabis an effective medicine remained a mystery.

Humans are now learning that cannabinoids contained within the cannabis plant are what give cannabis its medical abilities.

Israeli scientist Raphael Mechoulam is credited with being the first person to elucidate cannabinoids, specifically THC and CBD in the 1960s.

Since that time dozens of other cannabinoids have been identified and studied. For most of the cannabinoids, research is still very limited and in its infancy.

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CBG and pain

One of the lesser known cannabinoids is cannabigerol (CBG). CBG is rapidly metabolized by the body, after which it becomes THC, CBC, and CBD.

It’s a very versatile cannabinoid potentially capable of treating a number of health conditions according to a handful of studies.

A recent study explored the relationship between CBG and chronic pain. The study involved a voluntary survey among patients that identified as being consumers of high-CBG products.

 “This is the first patient survey of CBG use to document self-reported efficacy of CBG-predominant cannabis, particularly for anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and insomnia. Most respondents claimed greater efficacy of CBG over conventional pharmacotherapy … and reported a very benign adverse event profile and negligible withdrawal.” the researchers stated.

“This study demonstrates that CBG-predominant cannabis and related products are available and being used by cannabis consumers and demonstrates the urgent need for randomized controlled trials of CBG-predominant cannabis-based medicines to be studied rigorously to assess safety and efficacy as a function of dose, mode of administration, and specific therapeutic indications.” the researchers concluded.

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A growing need for CBG-dominant genetics

In general, most cannabis plants that are currently cultivated for commercial purposes are low in CBG. That is largely due to supply and demand.

Because CBG is a lesser-known cannabinoid compared to THC and CBD, there is less demand for it among cannabis patients and adult-use consumers.

As time goes on, and more about CBG becomes known, demand for cannabis products that contain CBG will surge and cultivators will do what they can to meet the growing demand.

That, in turn, will create an opportunity for cannabis strain breeders. Breeders that can bring quality strains to the marketplace will reap the financial rewards of the looming CBG rush.