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What's Unique About Houseplant — Other Than Seth Rogen

How the company has evolved into a high-profile cannabis lifestyle brand.

This story originally appeared on Benzinga

Houseplant’s CEO & co-founder Michael “Mikey” Mohr introduced the company and shared more details about its recent moves at the recent Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, which happened in New York City at the Marriott Marquis Hotel. Javier Hasse, a managing director of Benzinga Cannabis Editorial interviewed Mohr to a packed room. 

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Creating something unique

Wanting to do something unique and interesting in this category, Mohr and his friend analyzed the space and figured out the right path for them. Being individuals who like nice things in their home, they were tired of having a friend come over and handing them an ashen mug, explained Mohr.

“We saw real white space for premium homewares that are related to cannabis or cannabis adjacent, and that's where we established Houseplant or house and plant,” Mohr explained.

Houseplant's co-founders, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, were aware they would be speaking to an incredibly large global audience and realized that there would be a high demand for unique objects related to cannabis, Mohr pointed out.

Houseplant concurrently launched both the house and plant side in the U.S. this past March. In just four months, both sides of business independently became seven-figure endeavors and were soon shipping products to all 50 states.

“I think a real differentiator for us is that we are currently speaking to a national audience as a cannabis lifestyle brand,” Mohr said in the interview.

Collaboration with Canopy Growth

While working with Canopy in Canada for a few years, Houseplant learned a lot and grew to operate at scale, having sophisticated trade marketing programs and sales tactics. The company took that experience and earnings and applied them to the California market.

Mohr noted that they were very disciplined and patient, though confessed that  they are still “in the early innings of this industry,” but that they have a “real shot here to be one of the winners, long term.”

“We view ourselves as the curators of the best portfolio of strains in the market.” Mohr pointed out.

Houseplant launched its first California Hybrid strain in July.

Like every Houseplant strain, the first hybrid from Houseplant, dubbed Bomb Cyclone, comes in a beautiful, stackable tin. Bomb Cyclone is an Indica-leaning hybrid that was hand-selected for its enjoyable and truly balanced experience.

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Seth Rogen's role in all of this

Being endorsed by a celebrity has definitely helped the company grow, but Mohr said that what counted on the most was Seth Rogen's attitude toward cannabis. Aside from being one of the most vocal cannabis consumers out there, Rogen is also a person who smokes all day every day while being an incredibly productive and contributing member of society. 

“The reason that we're succeeding is because we are data-driven, and we are experienced driven,” and not just because they are endorsed by Seth Rogen, Mohr highlighted.

“Like the Jordan brand is successful, it's not just because it has Jordan’s name on it,” but because “they made products based on the great experience of the best athlete, and it’s no different for us.”