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The 5 Best CBD Sports Sticks to Help with Pain

For all those days when you've come back from a run and felt achy and tired, relief is on the way.

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It’s essential to get your sweat on, but working out takes its toll on your body. For all those days when you’ve come back from a run and felt achy and tired—or maybe you have chronic pain in specific areas— there’s a CBD sports stick to help power through.

As the number of CBD users in the U.S. continues to grow — with an estimated one-third of Americans saying they’ve used CBD, per a 2020 SingleCare survey — more people are taking advantage of the versatility that CBD can bring to their lives.

For all the weekend warriors who push their bodies to the limit, recovery is critical to perform at your best. Here are the best CBD sports sticks that will get your body healing faster, so you can do what you love more frequently.

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CBD Living

Available in several different strength options — ranging from 300mg up to 4500mg — CBD Living’s CBD Freeze brings is an excellent option for muscle recovery for the rookie trying CBD sports sticks for the first time to the veteran user who packs it everywhere.

Using cold therapy, the gel-infused Broad Spectrum Nano CBD soothes muscles thanks to the menthol. The CBD penetrates deep into the skin for quick relief, meaning you can get back to doing what you love faster. And thanks to the Proprietary Skin Retention Technology, nutrients stay on the skin longer, bringing extended relief.

Green Entrepreneur

We know that being an entrepreneur means finding the right balance between work and play. That’s why we created our Relieve CBD Sports Stick.

Made with 300mg of CBD, the cooling mint formula packs plenty of power to get both muscles and joints recovered faster. We formulated the CBD to relax target areas immediately so you can forget about any discomfort and go ahead and fearlessly tackle your day’s tasks.


Brought to you by the same people at Therabody —the go-to massage gun — it’s safe to say these folks understand efficient and effective muscle recovery.

The Revive Body Balm Stick from TheraOne is a USDA Certified Organic CBD sports stick that’s versatile enough to help all your aches and pains. Whether you’re coming back from a beast mode workout or just need some relief after walking around all day on a fall trip, this balm can easily be your travel sidekick.

Featuring 835mg of Full Spectrum CBD, the Biosorb™hemp oil blend, coconut oil, organic menthol, organic refined shea butter, and nourishing essential oils deliver fast relief. 


There’s a reason why Sagely describes its Relief & Recovery Essential Oil Roll-On CBD Sports Stick as a “spa day on the go” — because it’s an ideal companion for chronic pain and unwanted tension.

Delivering soothing, convenient aromatherapeutic relief, the Broad Spectrum CBD mixes with ingredients like menthol, peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus essential oils to bring a refreshing feeling to unwanted discomfort.

Available in a 150mg option, roll this onto your most sensitive areas of pain or tension and then rest easy as it goes to work for you.

Bloom Farms

This CBD Sports Stick from Bloom Farms is a 600mg option that delivers immediate relief to targeted areas of your body. A cooling sensation relieves muscles, and is then followed by a warming feeling as the balm absorbs into the skin.

Made from sustainably-grown, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, this CBD sports stick contains its source plants’ full cannabinoid and terpene profile, meaning a more effective product for quicker relief. And with a proprietary blend of herbs — which are known to have stamina- and circulation-enhancing properties.