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Rafael Nadal: 'With effort, dedication and humility, you always achieve something, which is progress'

The tennis player participated in a dialogue at the enlightED 2021 Hybrid Edition where he spoke of the importance of setting goals so as not to "stop living" while seeking success.

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Madrid, Spain.- Tennis player Rafael Nadal asserted that when you have clear objectives in life, you have to go through obligations before leisure "even if it costs to accept it." However, this does not mean "skipping stages of life."

enlighTED 2021

“When people tell me 'What great sacrifices you have made in your life when you were young to get to where you are', I say that for me they were not great sacrifices because it was what I wanted. When you do what you like, what motivates you, you work with determination and all that, which for others is a great sacrifice, is not ”.

During his participation in the opening ceremony of enlightED 2021 Hybrid Edition , a world congress on technology, education and innovation, the tennis player from Manacor spoke with the president of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete where he spoke about the importance of having values to forge a name and the importance of setting clear goals.

"Each one should set their own goals and really look for their personal vocation, because when one finds what they are really passionate about, they work on it without looking at the clock," said the athlete, but stressed that in order to achieve professional success, people must stop living. “When I was young and my friends went out every Saturday, maybe I only celebrated one in four, but I did. The reality is setting priorities ”.

For this, Nadal remarked that to achieve this balance it is essential to be advised by older or more experienced people to make the right decisions, beyond believing that everything is known by having large amounts of information in the palm of your hand thanks to technology.

Rafael Nadal and José María Álvarez-Pallete / Image: enlightED 2021 Hybrid Edition

The president of Telefónica responded by commenting that if we ask people what they spend their day on, how many hours they spend sleeping, working, or traveling, the answer is that they spend 31 hours a day on these activities.

“This means that we have become multiplatform, we do more than one thing at a time. Which means that we put less focus or attention on what we do and that is a risk. It is increasingly difficult to concentrate and to achieve your passion, you have to concentrate, "said Álvarez-Pallete and recommended having shelters, places or people that allow you to escape from the whirlwind of day to day and allow you to be calm and" concentrate to enjoy what what do we do".

"With effort, dedication and humility, you always achieve something, which is progress," said the tennis player. "There is no greater personal satisfaction than coming home knowing that you have done everything you can to achieve your goals."

At 35, Nadal has won the Roland Garros tournament 13 times and has 20 Grand Slam titles. He is currently recovering from a left foot injury.