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The entrepreneur who wants you to not have to choose between being a mom and having a successful career

Giving Birth by Silvina Prekajac is a project that seeks to motivate these women not to give up their careers.

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Silvina Prekajac was a professional woman on track for career growth when she made the decision to be a mom. It was when she experienced it first-hand that she realized the difficulties involved in working and having children at the same time. He got on his feet and began to see what had been studied about it and what actions could be taken to improve it.

Cortesía Giving Birth

“At this dilemma, I started to do a lot of research. After 13 years of working in a company, I saw that there was opportunity. It is a subject that transcends cultures and is a barrier for women to grow in many cases ”, Silvina Perkajac recounted her experience in an interview with Entrepreneur en Español .

It is known that gender equity can produce a 70% growth in global GDP by 2025 , but only 7% of Mexican women have participation in the Boards of Directors.

Even though you are doing what you can, it is difficult to fix a problem that people don't think exists. When they consult moms, they also include bosses in the conversation. In general, men do not feel that motherhood is an obstacle within their company. That's when he asks them how many women are in the top positions of their companies and how many of them are mothers. When they begin to count, they realize that, in effect, women with children in managerial positions are a minority. In Mexico there are 75 executive women, of which 64% do not have children.

With this in mind, Silvina created Giving Birth , the first mentoring consultancy in Latin America focused on developing maternity and career programs with proven results in six countries in the region. The firm's goal is that they never have to choose between one and the other again. She also wants companies to understand that being a mother should not be seen as a loss or disadvantage, but rather adds a lot of value.

“There are many transversal skills that you gain as a mother and that you can put into play at work and that are clearly going to gain a competitive advantage: more humane leadership, empathy, resilience, adaptation to change, innovation, creativity, patience. It becomes more balanced between both spheres and one can position itself competitively ”, explains Silvina.

Be a mom or focus on my career?

Their consultancy works in three stages: before they become a mom, during maternity leave, and when they return to work. They have two sessions in each in which one of them includes the bosses in the conversation and a representative from human resources. This is important because to ensure a return that flows, they have to lay the foundations and reach agreements where both sides benefit.

In the first meeting with the mother, what Silvina wants to do is put them in the role of the protagonist. It has to do with connecting with what is to come and how each one is going to face it from their place. Connect with the desire with the purpose, before leaving have conversations about how the deliverables are going to be, the responsibilities of each one during the license to ensure that they are not seen

“It gives the confidence of feeling that he is doing what is necessary to have a good start. It is essential because whoever goes wrong, without knowing what he is going to return to, asking if he wants to return, without discussing structural issues, is the one who does not return or comes back putting a brake. "

They get back together once you have your baby as that completely changes the perspective. It is important to see if the mother still wants the same thing or if the wishes for the future have changed in this process. The last ones are carried out to see if their expectations of the return were fulfilled.

It is important to support them from home as well, so the consultations include conversations with the partner or anyone who helps with the baby. Thus the woman does not have to feel guilty for being working. In the first session they want to help them understand that they have more roles than just that of the mother and that they do not have to put others aside if they are filled as people.

“Your satisfaction and your validation go through your other roles beyond that of mother. For many it is the most important, but it is not the only one. You need your other roles to nurture you as a person, to feel good, to feel full, why put them aside? ”, The founder wonders.

His proposal has helped many moms and is already in 6 countries in Latin America. Every time they want to involve more companies and to facilitate incorporation they also have self-management programs that are a series of videos, dynamics and exercises. They have been innovating and growing since 2018 and managing to break down barriers for women in the business world.

“I launched the Giving Birth objective with the desire to help a woman who has the desire to grow in her career at the same time as being a mother, who can have tools, have conversations, make agreements that connect with her desire. Try to inspire others and make your wishes come true. If you want to be a mother, don't stop, ”says Silvina.