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Tips For Marketing Cannabis On Instagram And TikTok

Make this a goal for 2022 and beyond.

This story originally appeared on Benzinga

Joey Brabo and Mitch Pfeifer are co-owners of Respect My Region (RMR,) a music, cannabis and media company that exploded onto the cannabis scene in 2018 with a viral post on Christmas Eve when a video featuring the California-based cannabis lawyers, the "Pot Brothers at Law," went viral on the company’s Facebook page.

RMR shared how its team crafts a strategy that leverages TikTok and Instagram in a way that minimizes the risk associated with Instagram or Facebook's volatile stance against the sale or promotion of cannabis.

The content they plan out often utilizes or infuses local businesses, lifestyle shots with merch, news and media outlet stories, and more.

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Tips for marketing cannabis on social media

1: Identify current viral #s and trends and get creative  to see how you can related those trends to your brand or produc and vice versa. 

2: Research  the posts and videos being created for specific trends and keep track of the actions, sounds and songs that are being done or used in videos you feel relate to you, your brand or product. 

3: Research what other successful cannabis brands are doing on TikTok and what they post on Instagram. Note the best, leave the average content. 

4: Start  creating content that is simple or easy to shoot and edit (one per day). A great place to start is by making your own version of what other accounts have already done.

5: Never show weed flowers, vapes, glass rigs, and pre-rolled joints. It is super easy to get deleted which is why you should use funny props and mimic certain actions.

6: Leverage 3-5 #s in each post and make sure that they're relevant to the trend and your brand locally. Ex for a local dispensary: #foryou #venturacounty #porthueneme. 

7: Publish original content 1-4 times per day and make sure to select trends that do not already have tens of thousands of video examples. You want to participate in trends and publish content when it is one of the first few 1000 videos.