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Original solutions for your creative block

As a content creator, creative block can be a very common roadblock at work. Today I tell you several fun solutions that artists use to remove it.

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As a content creator, one of the biggest obstacles you face is creative blocks . Those moments when the ideas just don't come or you can't find a way to land them. If it has happened to you, you know that it is incredibly frustrating and can affect your self- esteem .

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You cannot promise to remove them completely. Blockages can appear because you are going through a bad time emotionally, and those are not controlled. But there are ways you can stimulate your creativity. If you give it its importance and time during your daily life, it can improve the flow of ideas. These are some of the most original ideas from different artists that they recommend to have creative moments.

Go on a date with yourself

You have to woo your inner artist. Once a week you should go out completely alone to do something you love. It can be to go to a museum, to walk to the park, to skate, to a concert, etc. Plan it ahead of time, put in some effort as if it were a real date. The idea is that you take the time to just enjoy something that you like. It doesn't have to be perfect and it doesn't have to involve art, the point is to spend time with you. Creativity often slows down when we feel like we need it for work and that creates stress. If you come back just to enjoy yourself, good ideas are likely to come up.


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Give your inner critic a name and a face

Like Bruno from the movie Luca, it helps a lot to anthropomorphize your negative thoughts. One of the main causes of creative blockage is doubt, believing that your project is not going to turn out well or that your ideas are not good. It works a lot to put a name and a face to everything that are negative thoughts. This is something concrete that you can control. You say "Lupe, today I don't want to listen to you" or you may think that she is a person who also makes mistakes and has her own opinions but they are not necessarily decisive. Just because Lupe doesn't like your art doesn't mean it's bad and that no one else is going to like it.

Learn something new

When you learn something new, you have to put your full attention on what you are doing. When you are just learning to drive you have to be thinking about checking your mirrors, staying in your lane, not going over the speed limit, getting a good grip on the wheel, etc. When you've been a driver for a while, you do those things without thinking about them. There are times when you come home from work and you don't remember the journey. So learning something is a good challenge. Forcing your brain to focus, to push yourself to new things, is like doing mental exercise. It improves cognitive processes and takes your brain out of its comfort zone, giving it a wider field of ideas.


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Create an alter ego

Make up a funny character and name him and become him. If you are very extravagant, this can be taken to the extreme of acting and dressing like the person, but it is not necessary. The idea is to put yourself in their shoes and be able to ask, What would this person do? What are you interested in? How would you solve this problem? This usually works when there is a problem to solve and you can't find a way. It helps you to get out of your limits and constructions to be able to see the world in a different way.

Create an ideas file

Every time you find an article or a photo or a poster that you like, save it in an idea file. When you see phrases that make sense or you like a particular character, you can put it in the file. When you are going through a moment of dryness you can review that file and find sources of inspiration. It will remind you of what you felt and what you thought when you saw it and you will connect with ideas that you had in the past or ideas from other people. Take notes, if you see someone interestingly dressed on the street, if a teacher says something emotional, if there was a joke that made you laugh too much or the name of a cocktail that you loved. Everything works! Inspiration is found in the strangest places, so learn to pay attention to the little things and record them so you don't lose your ideas.


Rest is essential in life. It is necessary to disconnect from the world and all your responsibilities even for a while. When you don't take the time to rest, your brain is in overdrive thinking about responsibilities and has no room to wander.


Image: Unsplash