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There's a New Weed Anthem and Of Course Snoop Dogg Is Involved

Jane Handcock's "Like My Weed" is the latest single from Snoop's forthcoming album, "The Algorithm."

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If you're looking for a smooth groove for your weekend high, look no further than Snoop Dogg's forthcoming album, The Algorithm. The second track to drop is from R&B singer Jane Handcock, a classic weed jam called "Like My Weed." 

Sterling Munksgard | Shutterstock

While Handcock has ghostwritten hits for everyone from Kelly Rowland to Raphael Saadiq, she's stepping into the spotlight with the backing of Snoop. Her voice is as mellow as a good buzz, singing that she likes her weed in the morning and night, and rapping things like, “high as the condo/OG seasoned cilantro, I blow/I think I left my wallet and lighter in El Segundo" on the track. 

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This one's for everyone, but especially all the ladies in the house. Because there aren't enough being promoted as true lovers of cannabis, even if they're consuming more than ever right now.

Read more about the album here. And listen to the track below.