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2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch As We Head Into November

2 Marijuana Stocks For Your November Watchlist

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These Marijuana Stocks May See Better Trading In November

Marijuana stocks are still trading at lower levels which still can be good for investors. The reason is with the cannbis sector is still down this gives more time to find top marijuana stocks to buy. Now many people are already buying the dips but when will a rise take place for investors to take profit. In recent tradig there have been some small volatiel price swings. These price swings have created upward pushes in trading. Even though these rises are short lived it gives some shareholders a chance to make some money. - MarijuanaStocks

The real question investors want to know is when will the bulk of cannabis stocks start to rise as a whole. A good amount of people in the cannabis industry feel this will happen with the passing of federal cannabis reform. Right now there are 2 pieces of federal cannabis reform that is off to the Senate. One bill is for cannbis banking and the other is for legalzing marijuana federally. Etiher one of these bills passing would be a huge step forward for the industry at large. The cannabis banking bill would allow for financial institutiosn to work with MRB’s without fear of federal regulators.

Right now many cannabis buisinesses are running on an all cash basis. This can create a huge risk by havign to store cash outside of a bank. As well as having the same financial assitance other non-cannabis busineses would have. Next would the icing on the cake and that is the end of cannabis prohinition in the United States. With marijuana being federal legal it will open many doors and bring new buisiness oppurnitties. All in the all the cannabis industry is growign at a fast pace .So with all the recent delveoplents more poeple are looking to invest in legal cannabis.

Top Marijuan Stocks To Watch In 2021

  1. Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NASDAQ:ACB)
  2. Acreage Holdings, Inc. (OTC:ACRHF)

Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Aurora Cannabis Inc. produces, distributes, and sells cannabis and cannabis derivative products in Canada and internationally. It also engages in facility engineering and design, cannabis breeding, research, and production. As well as derivatives, product development, wholesale, and retail distribution activities. In recent news, the company has announced it has entered a manufacturing agreement with The Valens Company.

marijuana stocks on robinhood Aurora Cannabis (ACB)

Launching under Drift Turbo, the Company’s mainstream adult-use recreational brand. The new Canna Cane Mints are a two-piece hard peppermint candy containing 10mg THC (5mg THC per piece). This is the first product offering under the manufacturing arrangement, which is expected to expand in the coming months.

Words From The Company

“We know that Canadian cannabis consumers are looking for novelty and variety, and seasonal offerings are a key approach to strategically expanding our portfolio of adult-use products,” said Miguel Martin, CEO, Aurora Cannabis. “Valens’ exceptional manufacturing capabilities complement our product line up this upcoming holiday season. Our strategic relationship is designed to unlock efficiencies as we seek to bring innovation to market with speed and differentiation that connects with consumers.”

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ACB Stock Peformance And Market Update

In the last month of trading ACB stock has been able to see an increase in trading from September. So far in October, this Canadian marijuana stock has been in recovery mode. From the start of October, ACB stock has been on an uphill climb going from $7.08 to $7.66 in just the first several weeks. Now in the last few months, the company has one of the more volatile cannabis stocks to watch. Currently, ACB stock has started to lose some of its upward momentum and has begun to dip. Shareholders feel with a new month of trading may bring a chance to rebound and continue its path to reaching higher marker levels.

Acreage Holdings, Inc.

Acreage Holdings, Inc. formerly High Street Capital Partners, is a principal investment firm specializing in the cannabis industry. In the last week, the company has made some important news updates. Earlier this week Acreage announced the retirement of its Chief Operating Officer Robert J. Daino. Mr. Daino is set to retire on March 31st, 2022. The Company has launched a national search for Mr. Daino’s replacement. Until such time he will continue in his position until his retirement date.

Which will be doen to help ensure an orderly and efficient transition of responsibilities to his successor. In more recent news the company announced an increase in cultivation output at its New Jersey facility. This is being done to keep up with the growing demand for more marijuana. The expansion maximized the cultivation and manufacturing footprint of the ~85,000 square foot facility. To which ultimately increased capacity output fourfold.

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Words From The CEO 10/26/21

“Bob’s relentless pursuit and unwavering expectations for operational excellence have been instrumental in pursuing Acreage’s strategic objectives of driving profitability, strengthening the balance sheet, and accelerating growth in its core markets,” said Peter Caldini, Chief Executive Officer of Acreage. “His steadfast commitment and strong leadership have helped build a solid foundation for the continued long-term growth of our company. I would like to thank him on behalf of the entire team for his contributions, we will miss his impactful presence and wish him nothing but happiness and success in the future.”

Words From The Company’s CEO 10/23/21

“Our enhanced Facility provides a solid foundation to scale up operations and support growth in the attractive New Jersey market ahead of the commencement of adult-use sales,” said Peter Caldini, Chief Executive Officer, Acreage. “We are committed to expanding our capabilities in our core states and with this expansion completed, Acreage is well positioned to be one of the strongest market leaders in the State.”

ACRHF Stock Performance And Market Update

In the last 4-6 weeks this marijuana stock has been following the same pattern of trading. For almost the last year ACRHF has been on a volatile downtrend. From the end of September moving into October, the company has seen some small jumps in trading. However, none of these small boosts have been able to be sustained. Currently, in October the company is still battling this loss of momentum which is keeping ACRHF stock. Shareholders are trying to remain positive as they would like to see the success outside the market match inside of it.