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The OxiClean Pitchmaster Has Some Winning Sales Pitch Tips for Your Cannabis Brand

Anthony "Sully" Sullivan's journey from cleaning commercials to Kush King.


You probably recognize Anthony "Sully" Sullivan from starring in those infamous OxiClean ads with his friend the late Billy Mays.


But more recently Sullivan has turned his sites to hemp. He is CEO of MONTKUSH, a 116-acre farm in Vermont that grows and distributes organic CBD rosin. MONTKUSH also contains the compound CBDA, which made news last month after it was discovered that CBDA may prevent the virus that causes Covid-19.

On the Green Entrepreneur podcast, Sully talks about how he became a hemp farmer after his 8-year-old daughter, Devon, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease. Sully also opens up about the challenges he's faced in this new business and what being a pitchman for 20 years for OxiClean taught him about pitching CBD.

Listen to the whole episode here.