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Baseball Legend David 'Big Papi' Ortiz Gets Into the Cannabis Game With New Line

The Red Sox hall of famer has a history with weed.

This story originally appeared on Benzinga

MLB Hall of Famer, David "Big Papi" Ortiz is launching his own weed line, dubbed Papi Cannabis. For this, he has partnered with Rev Brands to create an exclusive line of "carefully curated cannabis products that keep healing properties at the forefront."

Revolutionary Clinics

Big Papi's Cannabis History

Growing up in a relatively conservative home, Ortiz found out about the benefits of cannabis later in life. He started using the plant to help him cope with stress, physical ailments and anxiety.

The former baseball player assures cannabis ushered a major change in his quality of life and mental wellness. "Once I embraced the flow of the flower everything changed," he says. "Cannabis has helped me relax, sleep better, manage stress and heal physically after a lifetime of playing ball, and I look forward to sharing Papi Cannabis and my personal journey to help people understand its benefits."

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Papi Cannabis

"Sweet Sluggers" will be the first product in the Papi Cannabis line, launching in July.

These pre-rolled blunts are filled with fine flower containing Ortiz's choice strains like Black Mamba #7, Lava Cake #7, Motorbreath #15 and Bootylicious #4. The blunts are rolled in non-tobacco wrappers produced with tea leaves and hemp.

"I personally prefer pre-rolled blunts and these ones are special to me because I was able to work with my daughter Alexandra on the colorful artwork for the packaging. I love that we were able to incorporate her design," says David.

Ortiz's daughter, Alexandra, has used her artistic talents to create the image portrayed of David on the packaging.

"We are thrilled that David chose Rev Brands to work with him on this very special product line. David was extremely involved in the development process and selected some of his favorite strains," adds Tom Schneider, chief marketing officer of Revolutionary Clinics. "It's been incredible to learn about David's cannabis journey and the benefits he's experienced far beyond just recreational use."

Sweet Sluggers will be sold at all three Revolutionary Clinics, located in Cambridge and Somerville, as well as leading adult-use dispensaries in the Bay State. They will be available as a single 1 gram pre-roll blunt packaged in a dube tube made of 100% reclaimed ocean plastic ($18) or a three-pack ($49).

Rev Brands and Ortiz say they plan to release additional products including hash-oil infused, pre-rolled blunts set to debut later this summer. Other forthcoming products include a vape cartridge, an edible made from free-trade Dominican chocolate and a healing salve.

To show his support and love of his homeland, Ortiz plans to develop some products made in the Dominican Republic, like a one-hitter made of hand-carved Guayacan wood with proceeds from the sales given back to the community.