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Commercial TV Time

You can bet your target market watches the tube, so boost your sales with this advice on riding the television airwaves.

Boost Sales With a TV Commercial

Take your business to the next level with this advice for navigating the television airwaves.

Standing Out Among All Other Marketing Efforts

Develop a memorable ad campaign with these creative ways to grab your customers' attention.

Implementation: The Key to Effective Marketing

If you don't buy a ticket, you can't win the lottery. Find out why the implementation is the most important stage in your marketing plan.

Multiple Marketing Options

There's more than one way to get your message out. Find out how multipronged marketing can work for you.

Exploring Multiple Marketing Options

When it comes to marketing, there's more than one way to get your message across. Find out why a multipronged approach may be the best option for your company.

Target, Market, Repeat

Use a marketing process to reach your customers instead of a one-time event, and watch the biz roll in.

Do You Have a Guerrilla Marketing Imagination?

Using your imagination to come up with memorable marketing won't cost you a dime. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Let Your Imagination Take Off

A successful guerrilla marketing campaign takes effort, not cash.

The Power of Repetitive Marketing

Creating a marketing process--not a marketing event--is the surest way to bring in the business.

Making the Most of a Grand Opening

Create an event to remember and generate word-of-mouth by doing your PR homework.

PR Alone Isn't Enough

To make the most of your marketing strategy, reach out to prospects in more ways than one.

Who Should Get Your Press Release?

Want to keep your press release from being filed in the trash? Selecting the right target is the key to getting noticed.

Choosing Your Marketing Weapons

The same combination of tactics won't work for every entrepreneur, so how do you pick what's right for your company?

Free PR Strategies

Here are seven smart, no-cost ways to get your name out and generate attention for your business.