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A New DEA Rule Means 'Absolute Confusion' For CBD Businesses

The rule makes it difficult to produce legal CBD products, with one cannabis lawyer even saying it "threatens to destroy" the industry.

"The Industry Still Isn't There:" Rob McPherson, Scourge of Cannabis LinkedIn

"The first area that has the opportunity to develop some stickiness with their value proposition target, who is the shopper, will be the retailer," says Rob McPherson.

'Everybody Likes Gummies' - Q&A with Power Player, Wana CEO Nancy Whiteman

"The other thing is that we see gummies really as a platform for experimentation and creating more specialized products," says Nancy Whiteman, CEO of Wana Brands.

How This Brand Is Making Cannabis Feel Like a Luxury

Plastic baggies? Forget it! Canndescent is selling its product in high-end packaging that consumers will be proud of.