Alex Tapper

Alex Tapper

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Head of client strategy and services at Frogslayer

Alex Tapper is the head of client strategy and services at Frogslayer, a custom software-development and digital-innovation firm. Clients partner with Frogslayer to rapidly build, launch and scale software products and digitals platforms that create new revenue streams and competitive advantages.

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Before Investing in Custom Software, Answer These 4 Questions

Custom software can make a company, but it can also break a business if leaders and entrepreneurs fail to look before they leap.

Antes de invertir en software personalizado, responda estas 4 preguntas

El software personalizado puede hacer una empresa, pero también puede romper un negocio si los líderes y empresarios no miran antes de dar el salto.

3 Ways to Be Technologically Innovative on a Budget

Don't shy away from technological innovation because of perceived costs: There are plenty of ways to be an innovative organization without breaking the bank.

Tres formas de ser tecnológicamente innovador con un presupuesto

No evite la innovación tecnológica debido a los costos percibidos: hay muchas formas de ser una organización innovadora sin arruinarse.

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