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Google Takes a Step Forward With Nexus 5 Release

Nexus 5 could lead to more relatively inexpensive unlocked phones and flexible plans to serve them in the U.S. market.

As Tablet Wars Heat Up, Apple's New iPads Get Serious Upgrades

Apple's new line of iPads are responding to some key challenges that have emerged as the tablet market has become more crowded.

3 Ways Tech Entrepreneurs Can Help, and Grow, During a Natural Disaster

In a time of need, the efforts of tech 'treps who volunteer can go a long way toward charity, networking and pushing innovation.

Why I'm Ignoring the New iPhone Launch Hype -- And You Should, Too

For all the media attention new smartphones get, innovation has, sadly, become stale.

Un vistazo al Galaxy Gear

El smartwatch de Samsung, el primer dispositivo de este tipo en el mercado, tiene funcionalidades atractivas especialmente para los deportistas.

Samsung Galaxy Gear: A Smartwatch With Cool Features But Limited Appeal

The tech giant is the first among its competitors to release a smartwatch device to consumers.

5 Reasons Why You Might Want an 'Unlocked' Smartphone

When you're not under a contract with a service provider you can pick the service you want and hopefully save some money while you're at it.

Ubuntu Edge Phone: A Crazy, Cool Idea That's Probably Ahead of Its Time

This project has gained a lot of attention, raising more than $3 million in less than 24 hours on Indiegogo.

Cómo promover tu negocio con slideshows

Estos formatos online son fáciles de hacer y te pueden ayudar a atraer clientes, inversores y contactos de negocios.

5 Ways to Promote Your Business With Online Slideshows

A look at how presentations made with tools such as SlideShare and SpeakerDeck can help explain and market your products and services.

Un vistazo a iOS 7

El nuevo sistema operativo para dispositivos móviles de Apple promete mejorar la experiencia de los usuarios.

Apple ataca a Google Docs con iWork

Este servicio en la nube permite trabajar, editar y compartir documentos desde cualquier computadora a través del buscador.

Apple to Take on Google Docs With New iWork in the Cloud

Updated tool offers slick document access, editing via your web browser.

Apple's iOS 7 Includes New Design, Improved Usability

While Apple's CEO calls it the 'biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone,' many features can already be found on other devices.

4 innovaciones móviles que cambiarán los negocios

Más allá de smartphones y tablets, estas tecnologías podrían aumentar la productividad y crear nuevas oportunidades.