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cannabis industry

With More Women Buying Cannabis, Product Demand Could Change

The shift could be a signal that companies are changing the way the industry thinks about both products and marketing when factoring in women shoppers.
cannabis industry

Marijuana Shoppers Return to Pre-Pandemic Hours, Favoring Night to Day

Like most things in life, weed shoppers are returning to normal a little bit more these days.
cannabis industry

Marijuana Cultivators Should Rethink How They Measure Water Use, New Report Says

These efficient resources will become more important – just as they have for other agricultural crops.
cannabis industry

Retail Prices for Marijuana Rise in Response to Record Demand

Consumers are flocking to traditional weed types to help cope with the stresses of Covid.
Legal Marijuana

Election Results Underscore How Americans Feel About Nationally Legalized Marijuana

Updated analysis is showing growing support and acceptance of marijuana across the nation.
Legal Marijuana

Everything You Need to Know About the Five New Cannabis Markets

Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, South Dakota, and Mississippi, we're talking about you.

Cannabis Consumers' Buying Patterns Sure Are Changing During The Pandemic

Stats show the behaviors of consumers as they deal with the mental and physical impacts of COVID-19.