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The Importance of AMP In the Era Of Fast Internet

AMP essentially improves user experience, while making sure that website owners are getting higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates

How Web Publishers Can Ensure Economic Revival Post COVID-19

Despite these challenges, we are now noticing a slow economic revival. Here are some strategies publishers can employ in the meantime to ensure business continuity:

6 Tough and Timeless Startup Lessons

Success requires the confidence to begin and the humilty to listen when trustworthy people tell you what isn't working.

More Online Publishers Ought to Try A/B Testing

They may find subtle changes to an ad's location, size or color can win them a better click-through rate

7 secretos del contenido viral

Descubre qué factores psicológicos impulsan a las personas a compartir contenido en redes sociales y úsalos a tu favor.

The 7 Secrets to Shareable Content

There are specific triggers that prompt people to spread a message. Here's how you can utilize them.

Web Design 101: How Typography Affects Conversions

When pondering ways to optimize your website's landing pages, don't forget this critical design element.