Anthony Noto


Wunder Enters the THC-Infused Beverage Game

Now that recreational cannabis has become legal in more states, THC-infused beverages have emerged as an alternative to booze.

From Peace Corps to Peace Pipes: Steve Sakala Shows CBD Companies How to Be Eco-friendly

Learning environmental science and sustainable agriculture, an entrepreneur applies those lessons to his CBD brand.

Al Harrington Says Marijuana's Path To Legalization Is Plagued By One Major Issue

NBA star and cannabis entrepreneur Al Harrington discusses what's next for pot post-Election.

Cannabis Decriminalization Is The Short-Term Relief Entrepreneurs Need

How a shift in federal laws could benefit entrepreneurs, according to the partner at Goodwin's cannabis and white collar practice.

New Study Finds That Legalizing Pot Might Not Be A Quick Fix For State Budget Woes

The pandemic has crippled state budgets, but legalizing pot may not be the way to dig out of the hole, per an Anderson Economic Group study.

After CBD Saved His Life, This Exec Decided To Launch His Own 'Connoisseur Cannabis' Brand

Ashley Grace lived through a severe car incident in 1997, and turned to CBD instead of opioids to manage the pain.

Why States Need To 'Flick The Legal Switch' On Cannabis Amid COVID-19

"There is now indisputable data that state legalization equals job creation and tax revenue," says David Hess of Tress Capital.

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