Asheesh Advani

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor


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How The Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies Raised Major Money

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¿Tu hobby puede ser negocio?

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Assets, Assets, Everywhere

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Finally, Someone Wants to Give You Money

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The Angel in Your Pocket

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Your Startup May Be Worth Less Than You Think

The recession has resulted in a drop in the valuation of startups.

Wait a Minute!

Your elevator pitch--and why it's time for a change-up<br />

Friends With Money

Network your way to potential investors.

Why Budgets Matter

Even startups need to forecast and plan--especially now.

Put Your Advisory Board to Work

It's time to rethink the roll of advisors and how they are compensated.

You Can Still Find an Angel Investor

There will always be angel investors, in good times and bad.