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Los 10 errores que los grandes triunfadores no cometen 2 veces

El éxito requiere aprender siempre de los errores nuevos.

Top 10 Mistakes the Biggest Achieves Don't Make Twice

Success requires always learning from new mistakes.

Vender en masa ya no funciona: La nueva ola de influencer marketing es hacerlo de uno a uno

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Peer-to-Peer Is the Next Wave of Influencer Marketing

Millennials and their Gen Z brethren are interested in authenticity, not salesmanship.

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Influencer marketing helps brands bridge the gap between the suspicious and the familiar -- but only if you do it right.

Así es como los micro influencers impulsarán la monetización en el futuro

Los micro influencers tienen seguidores leales que tienden a hacer compromisos a largo plazo y a tener tazas de conversión mucho más altas.

How Micro Influencers Will Fuel Monetization in the Future

Micro influencers have loyal followers who are prone to long-term engagement and higher conversion rates.

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Falling organic reach is driving influencers away from social platforms.

No tienes que ser Elon Musk para hacer la diferencia en el mundo

Los consumidores están cada vez más hambrientos de marcas que abrazan el bien común.

Collaboration Works Best With Diverse Collaborators

Like-minded people can solve a problem quickly, but people with different skills and viewpoints are likely to create an entirely new solution.

An Accountability Partner Makes You Vastly More Likely to Succeed

Simply explaining what you're doing to someone you respect is a powerful way to staying on track and avoiding impulsive decisions.

10 Mistakes High Achievers Never Make Twice

Success requires always learning from new mistakes.

9 Activities Science Says Could Cure Entrepreneurial Burnout

Family, friends, exercise and everything else you are ignoring while building your business are the cure for burnout.